Pokemon Sapphire Walkthrough Part 34: New Mauville & Route 118

This is part 34 of my ongoing walkthrough for Pokemon Sapphire. In this video, we complete the New Mauville side quest, then head over to Route 118. I will be recording more so stay tuned and subscribe!

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  1. poketrainer27 says:

    @maxsz55 it really depends on the level dude

  2. maxsz55 says:

    i have a gyarados he has takle bite thounder bolt and surf is that good? btw i subed!!

  3. TheCruelPain says:

    peanuts (:

  4. 281Jose713145 says:

    where can i find tentacool?

  5. DarkCreedNinja says:

    when bird keepers lose, they flip the bird

  6. coconutDR says:

    peanuts 0_o

  7. IR31D says:

    Pregnant sea leapercons…………

  8. jgkeys1995 says:

    Why is it so complicated because pokemon is never easy let me put it to you this way if you see a short route with no trainers no grass and then you see a route with a hell of allot of trainers a bunch of wild pokemon guess what you have to take the long route the other one will be a dead end pokemon is just so predictable now.

  9. Silent1Fish says:


  10. aquablade99 says:

    lol if my espeon was female i would name it athena

  11. MRxBlackxRave says:

    @torsteinrosedal um well haryyama and lionele can learn sur i teached it to haryyama

  12. lonerlass3123 says:

    @torsteinrosedal Go back where u could catch a marill in the grass places.Like after petalburgh city

  13. syduck98 says:

    @torsteinrosedal u need to find a lotad all the way in the begining in the game there part water

  14. torsteinrosedal says:

    I have problem and wonderd that you can help me Lueroi? im playing this game. i dot surf but no water pokemon or a rod wat shod i do?

  15. analivita says:


  16. PokemonHeartGold002 says:

    9:24 Taillow and Swellow r amazing its in my party at like level 25 I’m where u r haha

  17. GreenWalkthroughs says:


  18. 7yyr7 says:

    @ Vince24682

    Yes, you’re right but Tentacool will evolve into a Tentacruel at level 30 and if you catch a Tentacool at level 32 he will not evolve and the Tentacruel is the strong pokemon everybody wants, so

  19. airf0rce4210 says:


  20. largblarg says:

    i prefer shockwave because it has the most awesome animation of any attack ever in that game

  21. Aaron87747 says:

    Should have kept shock wave and got rid of growl…

  22. lonerlass3123 says:

    Lol the speed up and download song this was hilarious.

  23. orangeapples says:


  24. ShinyHunter45 says:


  25. Vince24682 says:

    In the river from Mauville City to Route 118 I ran into a tentacool that’s level 32 but i’m playing Emerald so i’m not sure if it’s only in Emerald, so i thought that you might want to catch that one instead of leveling the old one.

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