Pokemon HeartGold Runthrough: Phase 36

Pokemon HeartGold Runthrough: Phase 36: Nightmare of Mahogany (Part 1) In this chapter, we help a pogymanz master.

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  1. carnagechaos6 says:

    lol!!!! i found raikou in the water!!

  2. solidmetalbiscuits3 says:

    that meens your youtube name meens oldironspirit

  3. EleriDragonfly says:

    I agree with the Persian statues. I battled through them for the expirience, it may not have been much, but every little helps.

  4. TakadaeisOrangeJuice says:

    I was getting my neko (meowth) I ran into raikou. Then I came back for magnemite and got Entei. I cursed.

  5. ElementalCarrot says:

    I Found entei on the other half of the island in the water too!

  6. ElementalCarrot says:

    Found entei on the other half of the island in the water too!

  7. littleasian555 says:

    i caught entai with a pokeball full help
    not bragging

  8. firemonkeysrule says:

    LOL, That happened to me with Entei the first time too!

  9. LiekingOfMudkipz says:

    “But if you want to find Entei, it’s in the water drowning” Well, that WOULD be easier… But eusine is only interested in a Suicune because ermm, it’s refreshing? o.o

  10. iwss13 says:

    oh and an entei was born (Iceland volcano)

  11. Zack75381 says:

    Lol Yu-Gi-Oh Reference BlackWing Sirocco of the Dawn

  12. iwss13 says:

    wow the very first firetype in water ive ever seen

  13. TurboBnewell says:

    lol the entei thing is what happend to me

  14. TheEnJoii says:

    There’s still some trainers and the TM for Hidden Power at the Lake of Rage

  15. bleach13naruto says:

    I just noticed you used 6 different kind of pokeballs for your team… Haha

  16. spikeyroller15 says:

    @arellano3813 I know right I sweep the elit 4 with 30 revive and mostly a lv 40 feraligtr

  17. OfficalMiraClay says:

    Thats cool entei on water i thought that was suicunes play

  18. arellano3813 says:

    @spikeyroller15 Lol Yeah It suck’d lvl them up : but i dont really need to train for the elite 4

  19. DragonofEternity says:

    The name suits a female steelix, women have a will of iron!

  20. lulzmudkipz123 says:

    thats the same place i found entei

  21. Marrilandimpersanter says:

    that happened to me the entei on the water i was on like the route to the right of ecretuek or whatever

  22. Risingdoom1 says:

    Entei and Exia in the water = lol

  23. DivineSniper54 says:

    Wait weren’t, you just saying in one of the last vids, “oh why would entei be in the water, hes a fire type”

  24. mikes4991 says:

    this is weird, i ran into Raikou in like the same spot you ran into Entei. it was in that same water

  25. JP07RULS says:

    i loled at entei being in the water

  26. glen says:

    improper@softwood.jurors” rel=”nofollow”>.…


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