Pokemon Mystery Dungeon 2 Walkthrough Part 29

Northern Desert is filled with sandstorms and ground types and snorkling cactus weasels, OH YEAH!!! That was the real name of the song, I’m not joking. Thank You and Enjoy

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  1. trumpetgirl27hi says:

    GROUND TYPES?!? Oh, come on. Vulpix and Shinx is my team. So yeah. I’m going to fail (that is, IF I ever get past Amp Plains…) unless I can recruit one of the Cacneas or something…

  2. DemonicDragon890 says:

    My team is:
    Tom-Meowth (me)
    Jerry-Pikachu (partner)
    Ragnarok-Riolu (Joined team)
    im currently at the crystal cave!!!! ;)

  3. mysticdarkrai135 says:

    @bord2heck hes bouncing it on his head, wat if he has knits?

  4. Ninjademonz95 says:

    @bord2heck yes lol

  5. MultiHollowichigo says:

    how are you so good

  6. king92197 says:

    du du du du duuuuuuu

  7. falconmonkey56 says:

    need for speed three was awesome, and he’s dead serious, that is the name of the song.

  8. PokemonSoulGold13 says:

    in lv 26 treecko learns mega drain :O

  9. PikaPukaPals says:

    i always take my time on the sandstorm floors

  10. Flameclaw123 says:

    o.o Love the music choice!

  11. JorgeH891 says:


  12. SuzakuV3 says:

    I know it’s a bit late, but for Sky, you should recruit a fire-type like Torkoal or Cyndaquil

  13. cokezzzz says:

    i use cheat all my pokemon are lvl100 n my pokemon got:darkrai,riolu….

  14. vaporeonlover246 says:

    dang that place took me for the whole day to beat

  15. lesserdemon22 says:

    how do u recruite [pokemon

  16. bearcub444 says:

    i hate that place when i went on the the next floor there was a monster house. and the next room i stepped into there was another one

  17. castingolimar says:

    I just finished there sandstorms are my enemy now.

  18. PhanpyLover says:

    the northern desert is EVIL!!! i have died there like 10000000000000000000 times!

  19. singingstar8090 says:

    i found a cool way to get exp there put on a joy ribbon and try to make a sandstorm u get 5 exp every watever turns :)

  20. NiNtenBricK says:

    Yey. You got the pangolin/shrew pokemon.

  21. jennil74 says:

    i would recruit a lairon

  22. jennil74 says:

    you have put that on every video dumbass!

  23. C0DESUB says:


  24. Wuksa22 says:

    your team is great for this dungeon

  25. Ikuto367 says:

    I love the starting ^,^

  26. derek says:

    divides@marionettes.segmental” rel=”nofollow”>.…

    ñïñ çà èíôó!!…

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