Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Part 19 Frosty Grotto

Continuing our way through the Frosty Forest, I struggle and struggle and then the hardest part Articuno is a breeze. Thank You and Enjoy

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  1. BTPoke says:

    i, for one, think that gummies are really helpful before you beat the game. they give you such good IQ skills! i mean, i hav an IQ skill that lets me heal a little of my PP every floor. another one speeds up my natural healing. and another one upps the power of thrown items.

  2. BTPoke says:

    or caught between a rock and a hard place XD (1:48)

  3. sundaesonsaturdays says:

    i had uber luck on the first 9F, but the peak screwed me over by literally making me traverse across the entire map for each floor :’(

  4. Blackbommer200 says:

    and u can tell articuno is ice cause hes in a ice forest duh

  5. iloveredalert3 says:

    HOW YOU DO Combo moves when you attack you attack all your moves without need to go on option -_-

  6. mkc9600 says:

    articuno:ICE BEAM
    Eevee:Iron tail(eevee takes 39 damage and the ice beam hits artcuno takes 55 damage)
    Artcuno:gust and powder snow
    Eevee:WHA that hurts…(eevee passes out)
    Blaze:EEVEE…n-no eevee GET UP!!!
    eevee:ugh o-ok shadowball(hits artcuno and fies away)
    Eevee:(Looks at the joy ruby) m-my my ruby its broken!!!
    Blaze:clam down eevee will can fix that

  7. SuprSkarmoryisEpic says:

    i LOVE the pokemon articuno so when it tried to kill me i was like “WHAT IS THIS MADNESS!?!?”
    P.S. SuperSkarmory is EPIC!

  8. sarahcopeland100 says:

    it is hard to kill artiuno.

  9. animelover484 says:

    omg …….. im level 21 and still cant kill it annnd yout ice birdy didnt use powder snow……..

  10. droolerdork says:

    Is that a Shiny Treeko?

  11. ArcanineFang1 says:

    Frosty Grotto makes me think of “Frosty Grotle”.
    Anyways, Articuno is very hard to take down, even if you’re a Charmander with Ember.

  12. HapinasuSuikun says:

    Yeah skitty is awesome o_o

  13. ultimatespark12 says:

    damn ryhorn keep hitting my partner

  14. MFISACB says:

    Your partner MONEY is no match for most of the bosses and a good match for less of the bosses. Eyan a good match for most of the bosses and bad match just for rayquaza.

  15. SuperYoshi975 says:

    Actually, Rhyhorn is the bigger threat than Metang because of it’s Fury Attack as seen at 0:51 – 0:57. They use that move, you are as good as dead. Trust me on it.

  16. Ps3Superior says:

    cursed junction rooms

    in the later games (time and darkness and sky)
    get a god dman palkia to 999 IQ and it shud know this thing so it ca wlak thru walls

  17. charizard5858 says:

    there is a figure 8 in the map

  18. Absolcat says:

    It whas cool when Absol came out of nowhere :3

  19. alphaboyrobbie says:

    6:52 you shoude jave said “MY EYES BIDEING”

  20. pokemaniac812 says:

    i hate arcticuno i hav mudkip and cyndaquil the mudkip does nothing i gave it a blast seed to eat and it threw it so arcticuno woops him everytime and he gets killed 4 times and i only hav 3 reviver seeds

  21. DiamondPlatinumSP says:

    If your a Skitty you can OWN any legendary pokemon with double slap. At level 32 I have had one slap alone do 136 damage!

  22. rpggame16 says:

    Eyan, I admire you. It takes me a long time to beat Articuno, but you made it easy.!

  23. Petar323 says:

    omg my dumbass restarted the game and im at this part and i cannot beat articuno because i have no reviver seeds:(

  24. eminem289 says:

    artiucno aint bad if id doesnt use powder snow.

  25. pokemaster2222 says:

    4:29 SOOO true… ugh… its like right next to were u start off….

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