If Brawl Were Like Other Games: Part 2

Ever wondered how Brawl would look like in different game engines? Well look no further, I made it happen. Games represented in this Part: Pokemon Worms

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  1. 7677876 says:

    lol torchic

  2. edd4223 says:

    i had pokemon silver version until i lost it i had yellow gold a green version i still have leaf my brother traded gold for red version lol and yellow got lost

  3. HighJudgeGabranth says:

    @Larre999 Look at the HP everytime.
    He just reused the clips. So it is not that much work to deal with. Good tactic.

  4. Larre999 says:

    very good but 1 fail :P the second time ike uses basic attack kirby still has ikes hair though he lost it just before he uses rock… wel anyway 9999/5

  5. JonJonXs says:

    Pit used HIYAYAYA LMAO!

  6. ltsonic1 says:

    pit used HIYAYAYA!

  7. peck324 says:

    It would be funny if you do Marvel vs. Capcom 2 (Brawl Version). lol

  8. pedroandfrankensheep says:

    Haha TorchIke

  9. Spudman89 says:

    @ZudeXbox360 no one cares. this was made 2 years ago. Don’t read comments then before watching a video if you’re that bothered by it

  10. ZudeXbox360 says:

    stop recycling clips, it’s not nice and spoilers will just reveal the actions to people who didnt watch it in comments.

  11. leopold9 says:

    1:11 that was my dream since pokemon yellow

  12. G102Y5568 says:

    Holy hand grenade ;D

  13. rafero123 says:

    something i noticed
    1,-where is the pokemons HP 2.-in kirbys rock wouldnt it be rock fall???????
    3.’ it wasn a rock 4.’ Ike is WAY stronger than a ball of cotton XP

  14. Jenniiee120 says:

    Instead of Gandorf attacking C. Falcon you should of made C. Falcon do a Falcon Punch and Gandorf a Warlock Punch

  15. KalasMibari says:

    2:29 Kirby lost its ability!
    2:40 Ike uses BASIC ATTACK! Kirby magically copies Ike’s Eruption! :0

  16. jcmjudo says:

    kirby uses hammer of doom

  17. Badguy260 says:

    were is the health bar in the pokemon one?dude seriously you gotta edit it

  18. gamefreak0931 says:


  19. randompeoples321 says:

    Pit has bad accuracy…

  20. fantasto5 says:

    On The Pokemon One, Bowser Looks Weird When He’s Evolving… But Giga Bowser Looks Awesome

  21. Exccentrous1 says:

    Man, Ness has all the good weapons. I don’t think anyone else dealt even half as much damage as he did.

  22. ZeldaL3g3nds776 says:

    lol monty pithon’s “Holy Hand Grenade” saw Monty Pithon and the Holy Grail yesterday

  23. ShadowClawX16 says:

    Bowser evolves into Giga Bowser at Lvl. 5? …Wow….

  24. djrollin212 says:

    kirbys rock attack would have been better named “rock throw”

  25. treeckolf says:

    my faveorite was pokemon i copied to say sorry i voted liked =)

  26. Bruce says:

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  27. floyd says:

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    tnx for info….

  28. Brandon says:

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    ñïñ çà èíôó!!…

  29. ronnie says:

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    good info!…

  30. Keith says:

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  31. martin says:

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