Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of the Sky Walkthrough Part 12 – Exploring the Waterfall

*Coming soon* YouTube was doing maintenance, I’ll add description in the morning.

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  1. Aurablase10000 says:

    To easily get “overleveled”, find jobs with golden seeds as rewards. There are wondermail codes for them out there. A golden seed makes you level up five times.

  2. Blizzardpilowswine23 says:

    @69biggsexxy it said the a word

  3. 69biggsexxy says:

    @Blizzardpilowswine23 i can’t see why you wanted us to pause it

  4. QuarstyAndZack says:

    I can never get mudkip no matter what I enter :(

  5. shaynereece says:

    you said save blue gummis you only need 2 for the after game

  6. andooo24 says:

    hey… im also a mudkip(tyke) with treecko(its been a month) as a partner

  7. Blizzardpilowswine23 says:

    pause at 3:54!

  8. 1PokemonIsBest1 says:

    which morning are you adding a description on?!?!?!?!?!?!?! XD

  9. yinge101 says:

    6 people come from the land where ‘dislike’ means love.

  10. TheKillerComicz says:

    when i played red rescue team i was totodile named caleb and my partner was pikachu named ben

  11. PokemonFanaticz says:

    Show ur face in the hgss walktrough plzzzz

  12. Soultress22 says:

    @EmpressSapphire I named my grass starter meganium cerise it means cherry blossom ;)

  13. vegerud says:

    um… where are the description that was goning to come months ago?

  14. TheIcePrincess13240 says:

    whats really werid about the first this dungeon is that Wigglytuff already explored this place

  15. YourSarcasmHere says:

    *childish voice* stop making videos!!! (everyone) WAHT?!?!?! *suddenly serious voice* ..what?

  16. papermariofan345 says:

    epic intro music

  17. TheMcfargy says:

    yo dude u got another subcsiber

  18. TheBorosouthern says:

    U R Going 2 Alaska!

  19. TheBorosouthern says:

    @merick118 and he’s usually a monster house hirer

  20. pokedude1998 says:

    We missed u too man. =`(

  21. gocults35 says:

    so lonley i stoped making videos… what?! lol

  22. Shdow1 says:

    what a useless walkthrough you did nothing in this ep and you are supposed to show the dojo mazes and the secondary quests

  23. Shdow1 says:

    add descrip

  24. merick118 says:

    i have learned not to take outlaw missions that have me fighting chingling they are tough they have wrap and hypnosis i think which makes them very hard to beat i always use at least 2 reviver seeds on them

  25. ghmj95 says:

    i luve ur videos

  26. Armando says:

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  27. tyler says:

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    thanks for information!!…

  28. Alan says:

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    thanks for information!!…

  29. wallace says:

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    tnx for info….

  30. jon says:

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    ñïñ çà èíôó….

  31. Bradley says:

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    ñïñ çà èíôó….

  32. Greg says:

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