Platinum 34 – Victory Road!

Pokemon Platinum is now out in the USA, in English, so it’s time for some awesome HD video coverage of the game! Victory Road is pretty darn long, but it’s remained virtually unchanged since Diamond and Pearl. Virtually unchanged except for Trainers, that is, because the Trainers here now have some really cool Pokemon in their teams and you’re gonna want to fight all of them that you can to help fill up pages in your Pokedex! Trust me, you’ll want that later on for when you need to see every Pokemon in Sinnoh to get the National Dex. After getting through Victory Road, you’ll want to heal up your Pokemon and take on your rival, Barry! Each episode will be uploaded in HD quality (HD quality is available a few hours after the non-HD quality version is available because it takes time for YouTube to convert 500~ MB… just be patient!) and I’m going to be pointing out as many of the changes as I can throughout my adventure. It’ll be similar to the Diamond Adventure series, except I’m going to mainly focus on interesting new Platinum things rather than covering my entire playthrough like I did in that. And be sure to check out my website: – For tons of Platinum data and stuff (a lot of it is still being worked on as I’m playing through) You might also really enjoy checking out my site’s Platinum Pokedex so you can see data on all of the new Platinum Pokemon! – http

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