Platinum 37 – The Elite Four: Champion

Pokemon Platinum is now out in the USA, in English, so it’s time for some awesome HD video coverage of the game! This is it, the fight against the Pokemon League Champion! I’m very pleased with how they made the fight much, much cooler. They took away the Champion’s Gastrodon for a much cooler (albeit more difficult) Togekiss instead. o: Very cool. I absolutely love the look of the fight! Great job! Anyway, if you’re having problems with the Champion, remember to level up plenty, use tons of healing items, and stock up on the X _____ items (X Attack, X Special, X Speed, etc.) to improve your odds of beating the Champion! Oh, and don’t worry everyone, I WILL BE DOING POST-GAME COVERAGE! (: Each episode will be uploaded in HD quality (HD quality is available a few hours after the non-HD quality version is available because it takes time for YouTube to convert 500~ MB… just be patient!) and I’m going to be pointing out as many of the changes as I can throughout my adventure. It’ll be similar to the Diamond Adventure series, except I’m going to mainly focus on interesting new Platinum things rather than covering my entire playthrough like I did in that. And be sure to check out my website: – For tons of Platinum data and stuff (a lot of it is still being worked on as I’m playing through) You might also really enjoy checking out my site’s Platinum Pokedex so you can see data on all of the new Platinum Pokemon! – http

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  1. theluckyluxray says:

    cynthia looks mean O.o lmao the first time i battles her im liek seriously why are u so damn serious?! o_o

  2. gong7000000 says:

    @MrDiamondexpert make them at least level 57

  3. incredible367 says:

    here’s that trick. click to ugetify (dot) com to rip this song from youtube.

  4. robloxnub says:

    btw in one try

  5. robloxnub says:

    thanks i beat the whole elite 4 with infernape staraptor azelf quagsire gible and staravia

  6. MrDiamondexpert says:

    @potato69100 After you visited Stark Mountain and visited back the pokemon league,the elite four and champion will be stronger.Increased15-16 increase.

  7. MrDiamondexpert says:

    I lost Cynthia with this team,Rapidash Lv.48,Floatzel Lv.51,Garchomp Lv.52,Staraptor Lv.52,Torterra Lv.51,Giratina Lv 53.How can I win?Please tell me!

  8. clubpenguinzayin1992 says:

    @xXWolfKidXx same i kept using avalanch and my weavile won by 1 hit =D

  9. xXWolfKidXx says:

    I killed all her pokemon in one or two hits i use the supereffective pokemon

  10. Shadow3806 says:

    black and white rocks in the background suggest…?
    get it?

  11. HpMpOp says:

    @FutureGohanssj6 i had umm torterra, luxray, golem, alakazam, gyarados and crobat

  12. HpMpOp says:

    @FutureGohanssj6 i think u need a grass type, for bertha thou mamoswine can blow her easily 2… or psychic pokemon, like alakazam, for sp sweeper

  13. ilya1973 says:

    lol awsum u destroyed her XD

  14. 0ooGH3 says:

    @FutureGohanssj6 nice : D I simply killed her with my Glaceon xD My team was Empoleon lvl 66 ,Glaceon 65, Garchomp lvl 65 ,Starraptor lvl 65, Luxray lvl 66, and Magmortar lvl 65

  15. FutureGohanssj6 says:

    @0ooGH3 There´s no problem I changed my team and won that : 55 Giratina—56 Azelf—60 Empoleon—60 Luxray—51 Mamoswine—55 Staraptor..
    I liked how i killed her Garchomp , she used it as her 2nd pokemon , used flamethrower against my Mamoswine , he resisted with 12 hp points and I used avalanche that doubles the power when the user its hit in the same turn (4x effect + 2x). :D

  16. 0ooGH3 says:

    @FutureGohanssj6 I know what is tha problem all of your pokemon except for starraptor are TOO slow you an electric type btw

  17. Hinata427 says:

    lol only reason i beat cynthia is cause i had over 100 revives and full restores lol

  18. MrZane098 says:

    your videos sucks jk XD

  19. theboppinpoppincj1 says:

    i like to put garchomp asleep thanks for the walkthroughs

  20. 619rsc says:

    @FutureGohanssj6 I think u sould get a electivire

  21. FutureGohanssj6 says:

    I need help with my team to challenge E4
    Tell me what you think ( I need a 6th pokemon, btw I think i got alot of types covered ) :
    Staraptor – Normal/Flying
    Empoleon – Water/Steel
    Houndoom – Dark/Fire
    Mamoswine – Ice/Ground
    Giratina – Ghost/Dragon

  22. DXJacobxxxDX says:

    i beat cynthia with
    Victreebel lv 51 Giga Drain Leaf Blade Leaf Storm Sludge Bomb
    Luxray lv 53 Strength Crunch Thunderbolt Iron Tail
    Togekiss lv 60 Roost Psychic Shadow Ball Sky Attack
    Staraptor lv 60 Fly Close Combat Brave Bird Defog
    Garchomp lv 61 Flamethrower Dragon Rush Earthquake Dragon Claw
    Empoleon lv 65 Ice Beam Flash Cannon Surf Drill Peck
    i did alot of training against E4 and trainers

  23. aggron28 says:

    if you people used psypoke for your walkthrough you would know that you could use a STAB move to one hit KO the Spiritomb

  24. SuperheldScottie says:

    I did beat Cynthia with:
    Infernape: LV 55 Shadow Claw, Close Combat, Flame Wheel and Fire Blast.
    Rhydon: LV 53 Stone Edge, Hammer Arm, Take Down and Earthquake.
    Umbreon: LV 52 Dig, Bite, Shadow Ball and Return.
    Luxray: LV 52 Tackle, Thunder, Crunch and Spark.
    Medicham: LV 53 Feint, Calm Mind, Force Palm and Hi Jump Kick.
    Tropius: LV 52 Razor Leaf, Body Slam, Fly and SolarBeam.

  25. AgentDB1 says:

    @chipis09 thx dude

  26. Javier says:

    velon@uproar.spies” rel=”nofollow”>.…


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