Opening up a Platinum Arceus Collection+ a Heartgold Soulsilver Booster pack

Pokemon Cards, Booster Box openings… must post response! Anyways I feel like I talked a bit too much in this video, took me too open the packs then I would’ve liked, I might change my style…

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  1. mdwroblox10 says:

    i have that arceus figure. but i didnt get anything cool in it. the pack i mean

  2. mdwroblox10 says:

    i have that arceus figure. but i didnt get anything cool in it.

  3. EXgamers1 says:

    i want flygon LV X what do you want

  4. megakill132 says:

    does any one have a electivire FB lv.x for trade??

  5. griffo5ful says:

    U rock, keep the vids comin

  6. abrahamthehedgehog says:

    i already have 10 pokemon black and white pokemon booster boxes jaja losers

  7. spvideos99 says:

    arecus nice….

  8. Cuffball says:

    i have both of them i can sell one though but i will sell it just give a email to

  9. dchoi94 says:

    GREAT cards!!!!!!!

  10. pokemonrule10001 says:

    i have a lugia 1 but its wing is broken needs glueing back on but lukily its still on a bit!

  11. xMUGICx says:

    i have lugia figurine check out my vids and i love yours

  12. flakesfrosted says:

    you are a lucky person.keep it up.

  13. pokemonfan431 says:

    i got mine for 17$ it was on sale

  14. Vincethepokemonguy says:

    Hi chaostorrent!
    This is Vincethepokemonguy! I just wanted to say awesome pulls man! Today will be most likely the day I post my first videos!
    Make sure to watch it. It will be of my MAGMORTAR and MAMOSWINE decks. One
    of them will also be of my binder and I’ll also post 2 videos of the cards in my 2 tins. Make sure to watch them. If you do, I hope you like them. That’s all!

    SEE YA Vincethepokemonguy

  15. darkpikachu15 says:

    how much was it

  16. tsadrummer says:

    damn nice bro

  17. fruitdude3 says:

    i bought one and i got like 2 lv x in the video and shit and arceus lv x and a tangrowth lvx and a rare palkia card it was aweseome and i got 3 platinum packs on the side and got a tangrowth lv x out of them as well

  18. megapokemonboy1 says:

    hahah 6:11

  19. poopymonkeybuu says:


  20. Benjaaa1997 says:

    For that heartgold soulsilver booster pack with 10 cards it’s 8$ in my city! Fucking sick :( To expensive if u ask me ;pp

  21. yanetjose says:

    i aso bought one and got a shaymin lv.x and a electric arceus

  22. lucariobro18 says:

    i have a lugia statue

  23. Sonnyboy227 says:


  24. TheTopsU says:

    ive got some figures wich are little bit old and new i make a video for ya about them

  25. CRAZYMONKE123 says:

    the packs i buy are like 3.99 and that collection box is worth 19.99

  26. Raymond says:

    similar@interferes.embodied” rel=”nofollow”>.…

    thank you!…

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