SoulSilver 03 – Sprout Tower!

Welcome to Marriland’s SoulSilver Adventure, covering the English version of Pokemon SoulSilver. Most of the content in here applies to Pokemon HeartGold as well. This third episode shows you some of the Monks inside of Sprout Tower as well as the fight against the Elder himself. My apologies for not uploading videos to YouTube for awhile. Part of a deal I made was that I would use this other video host for awhile, but after receiving more than a few complaints about it, I’m going to start uploading to YouTube again. Sorry about the inconvenience! As always, be sure to check out my website for a complete Walkthrough for Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver, a complete Pokedex, and a bunch of other information to help you with the game! – Remember, if you get stuck anywhere in the game, you can always check out my site’s HeartGold and SoulSilver walkthrough, available here: – It is nearly complete and has TONS of information and guidance to get you through the game, all the way through the end!

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  1. theshainster says:

    in the unown part he did at 2:47 where it says escape, if u use an escape rope right there it will unlock a hidden door with 4 items inside

  2. theshainster says:

    @rextudeby one is from silver gold or crystal, one is from this game but in japanese when he used totodile and this one is the one he is doin the walkthrough with

  3. rextudeby says:

    why is there 3 part 4’s

  4. CountryMedia says:

    Flash is a TM now ????

  5. Disasterice455 says:

    @KH2fanatic2010 Gengar RULZZZZ!!!!

  6. KH2fanatic2010 says:

    Marriland likes gastly cuz he kicks butt with GENGAR

  7. KingyoKong says:

    @Armageddon0Studios I think it was in the older games. But then when nintendo reallised you only need it ONE TIME throughout blue/red, I think they just made it into a tm.

  8. fantagenaurto says:

    @FinalSwordX Haha… i think he used a potion/superpotion/oranberry/sitrusberry.

  9. gene042141994 says:

    @Armageddon0Studios it is in pokemon firered and leafgreen

  10. Armageddon0Studios says:

    i thought flash was an hm -_-

  11. skyvoc2000 says:

    how the fuck do u do the ruins? i keep doing it right but nothing happens

  12. dragonitefan98 says:

    I’m a breeder, as I call myself. I have breed about 40 pokemon now. I started when I caught Ditto. My first egg was a baby Cyndaquil. =^D but I traded it to my brother.

  13. EtniesRBeast90 says:

    @Shad0wHoundoom hahahahahahahaha kum…… :D

  14. 4000Disaster says:

    On my first try I got an Unknown I shiny

  15. Chatpokemon says:

    Looking for battles?
    Go to Online Pokemon Chat.

  16. APD1129 says:

    dancing tree is sudowoodo

  17. pokemondude2270 says:

    my team

    fealigator lv63
    victorebell lv61
    dragonnite lv62
    elektrivire lv62
    tyflosin (not hacked traded) lv63
    hypno lv62

  18. MrDJpokemon says:

    english version is better then japanise version

  19. gohanluigi123 says:

    @Zero0rn suicune’s a cheetah/leapard =P

  20. gohanluigi123 says:

    yay a soul silver LP =D

  21. zacharydmful says:

    hey u picked todidile and u freakn have a chickorita o wait my bad i just noticed dat ur playn the us version

  22. Pokemon33Clubpenguin says:

    There is a rare glitch where the foe attacks, and THEN you switch the pokemon. I hate it when I am trying to train a pokemon!!!

  23. Pokemon33Clubpenguin says:

    It says escape! You need to use an Escape rope, and instead of leaving the chamber, the door opens! :D

  24. ultimaweapon225 says:

    usually strange words are “unown” letters ;] ;]

  25. Chatpokemon says:
    battle and chat with us!

  26. Eugene says:

    amazingly@bascom.durrells” rel=”nofollow”>.…


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