SoulSilver 07 – Bugsy and the Azalea Gym!

Welcome to Marriland’s SoulSilver Adventure, covering the English version of Pokemon SoulSilver. Most of the content in here applies to Pokemon HeartGold as well. This third episode shows you some of the Monks inside of Sprout Tower as well as the fight against the Elder himself. This seventh episode shows you the Azalea Gym and how to get through its puzzle, as well as the Gym Leader, Bugsy! He uses a pretty rough Scyther that will keep itself shielded behind Bugsy’s cocooned decoys — Metapod and Kakuna. Handle with care! As always, be sure to check out my website for a complete Walkthrough for Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver, a complete Pokedex, and a bunch of other information to help you with the game! – Remember, if you get stuck anywhere in the game, you can always check out my site’s HeartGold and SoulSilver walkthrough, available here: – It is nearly complete and has TONS of information and guidance to get you through the game, all the way through the end!

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  1. PyrusAbisomega1412 says:

    @kittylover4883 i guess so… i am also dissapointed that marriland hasent made a video in so long. he practicly tought me how to play platinum/diamond/pearl ;D

  2. awesomeguyzak says:

    ur a pretty awesome dude marriland

  3. kittylover4883 says:

    @PyrusAbisomega1412 i under stand what you mean it would be ok if he disapeared for a couple of weeks, but not months!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. nikpap95 says:

    @clicknom me too!!!!

  5. iRandomZach says:

    At 6:28 i seen that potion coming. XD

  6. PyrusAbisomega1412 says:

    to all you dicks who are calling marriland names, screw off. give the guy a break! he has a lot of things to do, as an adult, after all. seriously.

  7. PresidentLedyba says:


  8. christianpcktt9 says:

    marriland do you have a cyndiqul and a mudkip

  9. awsomer100 says:


  10. rokmysoxoff1 says:

    @sukira21 Same here -_-U

  11. reddragon24680 says:

    when will you ever show us your team???

  12. seelkadoom319 says:

    lol gess wat i beat his scyther with 1 rock throw with my geodude not critical hit to! iam DAAAA BOMB!!!!! WOOOO!!!

  13. clicknom says:

    I too coulda sworn that Bugsy was female….
    You’ve gotta be joking.

  14. skyvoc2000 says:

    my quilava fucked up the scyther first try without switching out! luck!

  15. ChaosControl7920 says:

    I thought bugsy was a girl the first time i played this game i mean he DOES kinda look like a girl lol

  16. BlueCoolSc says:

    @heartskull27 bugsy is a guy belive it or not

  17. heartskull27 says:

    Bugsy is a girl lol

  18. MrHalo32009 says:

    I think in Poke’mon Black and White they should
    give the option to name your pokemons moves!!

  19. 420native420 says:

    @sukira21 Agreed

  20. ouououba22 says:

    @Pilztelevision No he is not, or at least he wasn’t in the show

  21. vazette says:


  22. MissNenuchi says:

    the ending reminds me of sunday morning :3

  23. Pilztelevision says:

    Bugsy is a girl!

  24. Pilztelevision says:

    Bugsy is a girl!!

  25. TheWhitestPersonEver says:

    im excited for the black and white ‘triple’ battles

  26. Guy says:

    lewisohn@dora.progandist” rel=”nofollow”>.…


  27. Vincent says:

    flustered@legion.reams” rel=”nofollow”>.…

    ñýíêñ çà èíôó!…

  28. jay says:

    mcgruder@octave.reined” rel=”nofollow”>.…


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