Pokémon Platinum – Rival Battle 5

Battle against Barry in Canalave City. My team for this battle: Prinplup Level 33 Bubblebeam Metal Claw Surf Brine Gabite Level 33 Dragon Claw Dragon Rage Slash Sand Tomb Gengar Level 34 Shadow Ball Shadow Punch Confuse Ray Payback Staraptor Level 34 Aerial Ace Close Combat Endeavor Take Down Jolteon Level 35 Thunder Quick Attack Tail Whip Tackle

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  1. DeoxysAndMew says:

    thumbs up if my Torterra is good
    Moves stone edge earthquake Outrage and Leaf storm :)

  2. Pyroman260 says:

    awesome bill cosby impression

  3. uwerewolf says:

    you were lucky Torterra didn’t use crunch

  4. sfbubbadog says:

    im gonna restart my platinum, and I need some opinion on my team-
    Some fire type, probably houndoom
    Gallade/Gardevoir, dependic on the gender I find

  5. SHAIGUYsk8erninja says:

    i have to use smiley face stickers sometimes xD

  6. DarkDeath1996 says:

    what about registeel’s nazi sprite?? hmmm?

  7. Litea11111 says:

    everyone has high levels as they grind levels,training continuously
    addition of all trainers so far,your levels should be around level 32

  8. Jerichoholic98 says:

    @HotDec No he isnt. I fought every trainer in the game and my team was
    Luxray Level 32
    Staravia Level 33
    Gabite Level 33
    Alakazam Level 32
    Leafeon Level 32
    Prinplup Level 32

  9. HotDec says:

    HOLY F***

  10. DavidM7474 says:

    You think chuggaaconroy’s pokemon are under levelled? my team when i fought him (which was like a second ago) was:
    Golduck lvl33
    Gabite lvl26
    Staravia lvl26
    Gyarados lvl28
    The other two were in the daycare.

  11. HotDec says:

    your pokemon are sooooooo under leveled

  12. HotDec says:

    youv got really under
    leveled pokemon

  13. evanbella99 says:

    question: how do you have a level 34 Staraptor? Don’t they evolve at lv. 36?

  14. TheIronJosh1 says:

    We’re sorry. Your call cannot go through. There is too much EVASION NOOB right now.

  15. LegoMaster2549 says:

    floatzel wants a hug in a “odd” way…

  16. TheIronJosh1 says:

    there are a lot of ground types there. and all are 4x weak to ice. be careful with that.

  17. Corey4646 says:

    i named my female houndoom HELLga

  18. yugiohmaster8525 says:

    ok, that makes more sense

  19. torngentleman2 says:

    @yugiohmaster8525 Well, just Krypto, obviously

  20. yugiohmaster8525 says:

    lol, i dont think that will fit

  21. yugiohmaster8525 says:

    hope so

  22. yugiohmaster8525 says:

    lmao, “dont be an evasion noob barry”

  23. bfe456 says:

    My team:
    All are in the leve 40 exept garchomp which is at level 49 and bibrael which is at level 23.

  24. Y2JLionTamer says:

    hey chugga love your pokemon vids, are you gonna do any when Heart Gold/Soul Silver come out?

  25. torngentleman2 says:

    @Commanderfyren Well, one traner has a Level 27 Rapidash north of Solaceon…

  26. matthew says:

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    thanks for information!…

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