Platinum 36 – The Elite Four: Flint and Lucian

Pokemon Platinum is now out in the USA, in English, so it’s time for some awesome HD video coverage of the game! The second half of the Elite Four. Flint finally has a real team of Fire-type Pokemon on his team and he’s arguably gotten a bit harder because of that, so be careful! His Pokemon can hit hard! Lucian was toned down a bit, though, but he’s still pretty rough to fight against and you need to watch out for his tricks in battle, like Calm Mind and Reflect early on. Psychic types are always a little rough dealing with. Each episode will be uploaded in HD quality (HD quality is available a few hours after the non-HD quality version is available because it takes time for YouTube to convert 500~ MB… just be patient!) and I’m going to be pointing out as many of the changes as I can throughout my adventure. It’ll be similar to the Diamond Adventure series, except I’m going to mainly focus on interesting new Platinum things rather than covering my entire playthrough like I did in that. And be sure to check out my website: – For tons of Platinum data and stuff (a lot of it is still being worked on as I’m playing through) You might also really enjoy checking out my site’s Platinum Pokedex so you can see data on all of the new Platinum Pokemon! – http

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  1. ThePostHardcore says:

    @Marielas13 One more thing; I’d check if one of you pokemon can learn earthquake, one of my best moves and it always comes in handy ^^

  2. Marielas13 says:

    @ThePostHardcore wow! u know much! Thnx! ^.^

  3. ThePostHardcore says:

    @Marielas13 I’d say that you could beat them if you have some real good strategy cus you got high levels, but I’d have a more diverse team. First of all: Why you got both wartortle and blastoise? And both Infernape and Lucario? I see that Lucario is a steel type too, but Infernape does the job as your fighting type. You have no ground, grass, elektric, dark and so. Though Lugia might be able to learn some of those? Anyways, I’d ditch wartortle and Lucario and gotten a grass and an elektric.

  4. kloverzwebkinz says:

    There was a Espeon there

  5. Flowtail says:

    @Marielas13 I duno. It’s just a game. Try and see.

  6. Marielas13 says:

    is this a good team to beat Elite Four?

    Infernape lvl 64
    Lugia lvl 60
    Blastoise lvl 60
    Lucario lvl 60 too
    Wartortle lvl 60
    and Giratina lvl 60

    I need answer! Ive thinking to train my pokemon
    that high

  7. SilentStalkerX says:

    That Magmortar….had an awesome intro

  8. Osmany250ChobotsVids says:

    WOW, for the first time in my WHOLE life i finally didnt die from a earthquake
    21/171 :P

  9. Osmany250ChobotsVids says:

    wow , my empoleon didnt even kill it lol

  10. gh3roxs101 says:

    what if i have no pokemon who have a good dark or ghost type move against Lucian what should i use please any help will be nice

  11. dennisonx781 says:

    lol i caught a azelf in a nest ball but poke ball is harder

  12. Undead441 says:

    I think the reason why in platinum he had such a “non-fire” team is cuz there was barely any real fire types except for the Ponyta and Chimchar family

  13. Dustehue928 says:

    Does anyone know whats the highest lvl Bronzor to get who still has hypnosis?

  14. TheSuperMarioGamerR says:

    @darealandrew Try it with Magmortar: Thunderbolt, Solar Beam, HyperBeam and Flamethrower.
    And Electicivire: ThunderBolt, Rock Slide, Giga Impact Substitude(or something)

  15. MrZane098 says:

    @TheSuperMarioGamerR thx

  16. darealandrew says:

    my team suck this is it by lucian
    Magmortar Thunderpunch LavaPlume HyperBeam Flamethrower
    Machamp CrossChop PoisonJab StoneEdge BrickBreak
    Electivire ThunderBolt RockSlide GigaImpact Thunder
    Torterra EarthQuake Crunch LeafStorm GigaDrain
    Starmie Surf Psychic IceBeam WaterFall
    Togekiss Yawn AirSlash AuraSphere Fly
    p.s I caught a staryu in soulsilver and traded it over and used a water stone on it

  17. TheSuperMarioGamerR says:

    @MrZane098 Omastar

  18. MrZane098 says:

    should i train my omastar,bastiodon,charizard or entei

  19. michaellasker says:

    @opluy jolteon is the fastest

  20. renatinhocig says:

    vai toma no cu kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk nao entende oq faelei vai toma no cu8uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  21. bishalgautam says:

    how are u so good at pokemon :D ur awesome man, everyone like, looks up to u(in pokemon). again UR AWESOME

  22. rosearaya100 says:

    why does GALLADE HAVE to be a male?!

    Girls rule!

  23. TahirK1189 says:

    @Slipfunice I wouldn’t swap roserade, I would switch one of your electric types for another type like a ground type or something to make your team more diverse

  24. syduck98 says:

    XD flamethrower came out of magmortars arm pits

  25. syduck98 says:

    @chuggaaconroy2000 did u evolve ur eevee yet??? for the leafeon did u evolve it yet??? i think u should make it an umbreon because umbreon is really defensive

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