Is It A Good Idea To Microwave An Ink Toner Cartridge?

Poll: What should we call our fan-base? Experiment #160: Ink Toner Cartridge Way back in our second season, Jory microwaved a regular HP ink cartridge… but this time around, we’re looking for a little more bang for our buck… so we’re sticking an entire toner cartridge in Samantha to heat things up. So, you’re probably wondering, Is It A Good Idea To Microwave This? Tune in to find out. Twice a week, microwave specialist Jory Caron microwaves different objects… so you don’t have to! The “Jory Caron Microwave Laboratory 2.5″ is a state-of-the-art facility equipped with tinfoil shielding, a ventilation system, emergency surge protectors, safety clothing, and many sexy microwaves. +++++++++++++++++++++++ Thanks to BigLoudNoise for donating the Ink Toner Cartridge +++++++++++++++++++++++ ** New Episodes Every Monday & Friday! ** +++++++++++++++++++++++ +++++ Support The Show +++++ FAQ Video – T-Shirts —– ideo App —- Live Show — Donate $$ — +++++ Connect With Us +++++ ::: Jonathan Paula ::: YouTube —- Twitter ——- Facebook — ::: Jory Caron ::: YouTube —- Twitter ——- Facebook — ::: Riley McIlwain ::: YouTube —- Twitter ——- Facebook — ::: ideo Productions ::: YouTube —- Twitter ——- Facebook — +++++ Video Credits +++++ Starring: Jory Caron, Riley McIlwain, & Jonathan Paula

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  1. crysta2k2 says:

    @magggie1 Something with Pauly Shore in it, has to be. My God

  2. crysta2k2 says:

    Question, people really send you things to put in the microwave? LOL, Nice!

  3. ScrawnyWorldOrder says:

    Poll: Riley’s Sidekicks

  4. Bassotronics says:

    This episode was very funny..

  5. maggotsmt says:

    is there a “best of” Rob Schneider SNL DVD? if there is i’m sure those rick the copy guy skits would be on there…but if the DVD doesn’t exist then it just further shows that even though he was on SNL his talent didn’t yield many memorable characters

  6. wolevet97 says:

    3:57 does Riley have the camera backwards???

  7. mentalman99 says:

    makin sweet sweet love to mi-cowave

  8. karlking1995 says:

    @JPizzle1122 this may not be true for some toners but some do have a carsinagenic substance that cause cancer

  9. InuJoshiepoo says:


  10. magggie1 says:

    what movie has that phrase?

  11. ipokefan4 says:

    You sir, did NOT respect the pouch on the last experiment! lmao

  12. ARGH700 says:

    0:25 “Woo, woo, woo”! I just loved that.

  13. Renix360 says:

    I think the fan-base should be called: “Non-Roasted Nuts”

  14. amberdslovick says:

    Why is the next experiment flagged? o_O

  15. ukrichu says:

    Poll= The Meat Shields!
    Way to pretend the microwave was a copy machine.

  16. MegaAstroFan18 says:

    The Jonny Paula character is a bit of an asshole, but that’s why we like him. :)

  17. parkesc21 says:

    you should call your fans microravers

    (thats all I got)

  18. delciotto says:

    This experiment could of been a lot more dangerous then you guys thought. they use cyanide inside some laser toner/ink cartridges and my buddy got pretty sick off one that cracked open when he dropped it.

  19. MakkeyBoi says:

    LOL 3:53 Thats what she said!!!!

  20. GhostSabre7 says:

    Poll: The Sexy Ideas

  21. 101crazylizard says:

    the microwave society

  22. WalmartIsEvil100 says:

    theres an inkjet ad right next to this video 0_o

  23. ThePokemonfan365 says:

    poll: Jon, Jory, and the meat shield

  24. chimeco86 says:

    @JPizzle1122 sorry… :(

  25. mayyyyyyy2 says:

    how old is every1 in the crew?

  26. scott says:

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