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An American marching band pays tribute to some of the more iconic games in history. 1. Pong, 2. Tetris, 3. Mortal Kombat, 4. Pokemon (Super Smash Bros.), 5. The Legend of Zelda, 6. Super Mario (Underground & Water Levels Plus Level Finale).

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  1. ljthemexican says:

    this is so full of win it almost rivals the old spice man, but not quite there yet

  2. Menace1979 says:

    This is awesome!

  3. wreckage24 says:

    i need a mop

    my brain just exploded

  4. acidremi says:


  5. Dstorm20xx says:


  6. SwEeT22657520 says:

    omg, this video gave me 6 orgasms
    i wish our marching band could be like this

  7. bballfan65 says:

    only in america!:D

  8. RockTheBellCurve says:

    i cried

  9. gomez1323 says:

    My mind = blown

    I miss how gaming used to be like

  10. destroctoro1 says:

    Never found marching bands as exciting as this

  11. MIKEYKINSEY012345678 says:

    very awsome im a HUGE marching band fan in fact im in marching band

  12. AgtFerret says:

    That is such an epic win! DD:

  13. compow45 says:

    oh my goodness that was so beast i cant believe they did that that was just amazing.

  14. manther7 says:

    Its just awesome how they actually scream “MORTAL KOMBAT! at 1:47

  15. brunnerdudes says:

    3:48 ftw

  16. LettuceLeaf7 says:

    Wish my school was this amazing

  17. mewppv says:

    does anyone else see the ghost running around the field?

  18. DjLuca says:


  19. idcdammit says:

    A video related to this named ‘Cal Band- Big Game Video Game Show 2007′ is better quality, better performed, and from a different angle. check it out!

  20. animeluvercalledella says:

    Thats awesome! xD

  21. azugirl111 says:

    NO JOKE.
    They even have the friggen Pokemon theme from SSB! The original!

  22. FR33DOMK1D says:


  23. mrbughorn says:

    The letters MK in a box, it’s just upside down from this angle.

  24. FR33DOMK1D says:

    I can’t tell what they’re making at Mortal Kombat. :(

  25. jerkycam says:

    do you think if reuploaded now it will come out in HQ?

  26. martin says:

    way@reconstructs.conditional” rel=”nofollow”>.…


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