Sailor Moon Ep 47 pt 3: Much Ado About Baby-Sitting (English)

Much Ado About Baby-Sitting When a nursery is attacked by a Cardian, Serena and Darien watch over a youngster together, even though Darien still doesn’t remember their previous connection. **DISCLAIMER: I DO NOT OWN SAILOR MOON OR ANYTHING SAILOR MOON RELATED!**

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  1. TheJaredAmanda says:


  2. darkbranc0 says:

    yeah go ahed serena change in front of the enemy -.-”"

  3. darkbranc0 says:

    @Meruh04 she was like squirtle doing bubble attake x)

  4. ccangel1001 says:

    i dont like serena’s new transformation

  5. caitylovesyou224 says:

    …What’s with all the rhyming?

  6. ejmrockprincess says:

    that was so adorable with Darien and Serena at the end :)

  7. Vulrina says:

    @Meruh04 haha i kno her bubbles were always kinda lame x)

  8. XxBabyMuffyxX says:

    i ♥ serena’s new transformatiom so much beter :P

  9. PrincessSerena91 says:

    @TokioHotelFan521 im sure he is XD its so cute when he says there names tho :)

  10. beangel25 says:


  11. Betcp says:

    does ne1 mind telling me y these babies sound like adults talking wen they r thinking?!?

  12. roxy123tiger567 says:

    freky baby , but cuteeeeeeee

  13. ulaanaa100 says:

    mercery’s power is cool

  14. ulaanaa100 says:

    omg the baby has a grown up voice :O

  15. kingbaby99 says:

    OMG. He called her meatball head!!! LMAO!!!

  16. 333ninetailedfox says:


  17. ocelotsinspace says:

    darien and serena would make the cutest parents :3
    OH WAIT.

  18. kaycud says:

    Hahaha Those weren’t your usual bubbles!!! Hahah Woman your gettin moon dusted!

  19. MsVampireobsessed says:

    I love this episode just for Darien and Serena<3

  20. Darkfire0721 says:

    Jordan: Bye Dawien
    Darien: huh?!
    Jordan: Meatball head
    Serena: Huh?!
    Jordan: Byeee
    Serena: Unbelievable.
    Darien: He said my name!
    Darien and Serena: We’re geniuses! We taught him how to walk and talk! Alright!

  21. Superbook4Eva says:

    VERY interesting how sometimes scenes that were excised from the episodes for content ended up in the “Sailor Says” segments – in this case it was one of the scenes of Jordan/Manami peeing on Ann/Natsumi. (Yep, Jordan didn’t really “throw up” on Ann.) I guess maybe the producers figured viewers wouldn’t watch the “Sailor Says” segments and figured there was no harm in putting the footage there.

  22. yumyumprincess says:

    I seriously lol’d at the ending it was soo funny : bye meatball head

  23. 7CharlotteEve says:

    i bet it’s annoying to carry that sceptre round all day ;p

  24. MisakiX2 says:

    @asianppl168 He is only a kid :P

  25. sadlunaproductions says:

    @asianppl168 they cant hear it…thats wast he thinks

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