Sailor Moon Episode 41 part 3 English dub

“The Return Of Sailor Moon” / “Moon Revived! The Mysterious Aliens Appear”

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  1. Citygirl7779 says:

    @nikkiichan Artemis used Scratch!

    It’s not very effective……….

  2. darkbranc0 says:

    @nikkiichan bite is supereffective upon psicho and grass powers x)

  3. TheJaredAmanda says:

    I was still nervous when serena was getting her energy drained. How lame is that :P and yet i still knew she would be 100% okay

  4. OhSweetPerfection says:

    Wow the plant/tree wants energy? Uhh its called photosynthesis… >.>

  5. Solitemel says:

    Did this episode have a Sailor Says segment at the end?

  6. mcmuffinerson says:

    Quality sucks.

  7. XxTwiPiresxX says:

    “I want outie…” lol

  8. Ninfro89 says:

    Yeah! let’s waste time by introducing ourselves when artemis is fighting for his life.. Great job sailor flop.

  9. nlewis0011 says:

    question.. how could she transform with out her brotch?..

  10. XxKirby60xX says:

    Mind meld? LolSpock.

  11. KBphat says:

    i wish they would put this back on tv… i miss it

  12. KBphat says:

    i wish they would put this back on tv.. i miss it

  13. KBphat says:

    i wish they would put this back on tv.. i miss it

  14. hwaprincess says:

    “Luna, now we can have all our conversations again!”

    Aww, I love that line! It shows how close Luna and Serena’s friendship is! :)

  15. nikkiichan says:

    wow, who knew that when i just finished season 4 (-sadness-) id come back to find i have a highest rated comment. i feel special. :)

  16. yukiNmori says:

    no locket?

  17. yukiNmori says:

    @nikkiichan artimis used scratch
    its not very effective

  18. Yamichan16 says:

    @stuntsquiral221 this is the only dic dubbed episode that didnt have one.

  19. bloodofthemoon says:

    heeeey Lunas a vulcan!!!!!!!! who knew

  20. rose4938 says:

    could’ent luna use the luna mind mild on darien?
    i think the writer forgot about it

  21. Cutiegirl2333 says:

    @ lilulrich 124 sassy sunbeam has the first two parts of this episode

  22. lilulrich124 says:

    screw being a normal teenager lol it sucks. Be someone whos kickass lol sailormoon.

  23. livieluloo says:

    @ 123toopy for some reason sassy sunbeam doesnt have this one i wish she did….

  24. 123toopy says:

    @MisakiX2 I wasnt tryin to put her/him down and leave me alone.

  25. stuntsquiral221 says:

    Do they still have silor says?

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