Pokemon Sapphire Walkthrough Part 29: Lavaridge Gym

This is part 29 of my ongoing walkthrough for Pokemon Sapphire. In this video, we go through the Lavaridge Gym fighting all of the trainers. I will be recording more so stay tuned and subscribe!

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  1. maddraco4 says:

    torkoal using atrract

  2. luvlygrl97 says:

    if you use magnitute in a building woudnt the roof fall and the walls shake

  3. dratinide4 says:

    I dont understand how you can have a indoor graveyard (Mt. Pyre)

    If you bury a grave…. you gonna make a hole in the ceiling on the floor below your pokemon grave.

  4. 626ipod says:

    how can pokemon like wailord go on land

  5. MultiKewee says:

    The traners in the gym pops up from the water and then they are still STANDING on the water :D

  6. Dzy24 says:

    People fighting animals with powers for money and fame and trying to be the best animal abuser in the world! And Geodude is a floating boulder with a face and arms xD

  7. zkiaf says:

    when u bike into a person wouldent they like go flying but noo

  8. ms80kyle says:

    There’s steam everywhere in the gym, how do I navigate it cause you have no steam in there.

  9. greenmusedayvideos says:

    @ultimatekamenrider well think about it if they make him like 30 it won’t apeal to kids, if he or she is 16 wouldn’t the player be finding out gf/bf and it would be like sims and the game would be like R rated :P so if there ten it appeals to the younger kids who are playing and plus they really have no distractions they won’t watch that lass walk away or hit on may ;)

  10. mnsbmsrulez says:

    I think theres hot spring water in the gym holes and thats what makes the gym so steamy

  11. Nukeaholic says:

    bubble beam blows the crap out of a gigantic snake monster made of stone (onix)

  12. 00lowlit says:

    just use a dragon type move on kecleon and another dragon type move then presto it dies!!!and some times its a one hit KO!

  13. OwenChannels says:

    An animal with superpowers. That pretty much sums everything up.

  14. ppsocio2 says:

    a wailord body slamming a pikachu and the pikachu still has HP

  15. pingissebbe98 says:

    @sloupe159 ney camerupt = sexyest shit evaa

  16. Darkrai989200 says:

    @GolfWizard54321 my togepi used metronome and it was one roar of time one spacial rend and a shadow force

  17. ScooterboySkaterboy says:

    its a chameleon

  18. ScooterboySkaterboy says:

    how doduo has two heads and is a flying type.

  19. sloupe159 says:

    why can a camerupt use attract the thing is sooooo freaking ugly!!!!

  20. GrovyleMaster101 says:

    One time when I used Metronome on my Munchlax, and it used Splash. -_-

  21. GolfWizard54321 says:

    one time my togepi in platinum used metronome, and used outrage!!! XD

  22. SuperFritiof says:

    people changing hair colour when you go into battle with them,maybe they take up a twin with a different hair colour from their pocket exactly when you go into battle with them. hmm but in that case how can the twin be in the pocket because the pocket should be far too small to have a human being in it. But yeah i’m getting really off-topic here but yeah,people changing hair colour when you go into battle with them.

  23. Dizazsters says:

    Pokemon is weird, so many things don’t make sense. I always thought pokemon was suppose to represent the card game so that for me always made sense out of the stupid things like fish fighting on ground

  24. UffeDalgas says:

    That kecleon is a fire type..

  25. mosean6278 says:

    peliper using surf

  26. Dustin says:

    unexpectedly@schoolmasters.referendum” rel=”nofollow”>.…


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