Pokemon Sapphire Walkthrough Part 37: Aqua Admin, May, and Fortree City

This is part 37 of my ongoing walkthrough for Pokemon Sapphire. In this video, we defeat Team Aqua at the weather institute and then battle May. We finish up be checking out Fortree City. HM UPDATE: HM 02 (Fly): Reward for defeating Rival May I will be recording more so stay tuned and subscribe!

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  1. smiledipshit says:

    “It’s not to hard”…”That’s what she said” XD lueroi cracks me up!

  2. lawsusu says:

    my may had two wailmers ftw

  3. Mattman0929 says:

    Racist on Ninjask

  4. greenmusedayvideos says:

    how does may get surf and fly and all that when she is never on the winning trainers list?

  5. greenmusedayvideos says:

    @minnires23 Boing ;)

  6. Jonnydragon24 says:

    hey Lueroi! im a big fan of your videos ya know?
    and by the way, remember in rustboro city you said that the devon cooperation guy
    and the guy in the gym look alike? well i think it so lolz HAHA

    oh and by the way, visit me at jonnydragon24@gmail.com

    my name is Jonny

  7. porkipig123 says:

    LoL if you you say in Greece yasu it means hi. :P

  8. brenmac100 says:

    i dont mean to sound all smart like everybody else, but phyco boost is better than physic…

  9. minnires23 says:

    thumbs up if u think aqua admin shelly is hot

  10. TheOmegaBlossom says:

    What!? there’s 2 people… Who look exactly the same! Oh Wow.. Pokemon Sapphire gives so many surprises.. wow.. What a laugh! hahahahaha.. SURPRISES! ps: maybe there twins.. hmmm. o_O so weird..

  11. SuperFritiof says:

    haha “not that hard” thats what she said XD

  12. 777harstar says:

    r u going to catch another pokemon

  13. KingVirusXtreme says:

    Leaf Blade almost took out my whole team while battling my rival…Until Overheat ended its spree

  14. potterdany says:

    love your Zigzaggons name xD “HM Slave”

  15. ash9012345 says:

    omg i luv ur vids i couldnt find ur vids 4 such a long time
    o and ps my username mite b ash but im a gurl

  16. pierpol says:

    dream eater

  17. MooreCona says:

    Why is yours better quality than mine, mine is like pixleated ?

  18. xSorrowfulAngelx says:

    @BrawlArceus At the day care center.

  19. dragonbite1000 says:

    tree ninja?
    wierd and awesome name at once

  20. dragonbite1000 says:

    tree ninja?
    cool and awesome name at once

  21. 234isaac234 says:

    @spinster65 you hav to get fortree gymbadge 1st

  22. BrawlArceus says:

    Where is Aviator?

  23. spinster65 says:

    it wont let me use fly?

  24. B4k3rB0y01 says:

    hey is this on gameboy computer nintendo or what??

  25. megaubernoob says:

    thers a kid in leaf green whos name is also yasu

  26. stephen says:

    severe@discontinued.instrumental” rel=”nofollow”>.…


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