Pokemon Mystery Dungeon 2 Walkthrough Part 42

Spirtomb, haven’t had much time to fight it starting the walkthrough right away but an X-Eye Seed should give you an automatic victory. Thank You and Enjoy

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  1. nerdgasmer says:

    munchlax owns i took an entire monster house without loosing half my hp or using any seeds or orbs and also no hel from my little helper

  2. Codey997 says:

    @ABchihuahua98 ur prob is dat ur da fastest so u need to attack then everybudy dus stuf

  3. 136Dialga says:


  4. jpokemonman says:

    HOW UNLUCKY CAN I GET!!!! 2 MONSTER HOUSES IN A ROW!!! Fortunately I was prepared.

  5. YourSarcasmHere says:

    yay for a hunk of cheese

  6. lilbexbex says:

    i love it when spiritomb runs away. its so funny :D

  7. TheCandyKid100 says:

    Trecko evolves into grovile isnt that cool because both fourms are there

  8. mudkipboylover says:

    man spiritumb was the easiest boss more than drowzee
    2 flamethrowers was all my chimchar (Me)needed

  9. UmbreonsFire says:

    Skitty, Eevee and Vulpix are only female and Phanpy, Shinx and Riolu are only male. The rest could be either.

  10. Shadowabliss says:

    Im Pikachu (Topaz) with Totodile (Turbo) in Darkness.
    Im Piplup (Tidal) with Torchic (Rose) in Time.
    Im Riolu (Bandit) with Treecko (Dew) in Sky.

    (Sky is the only one ive finished the game with, like, finished as in, they are evolved now – on darkness, im on chapter, 17 now, and on time im on chapter 5 or 6 or something.)

  11. charizard5858 says:

    that hunk a cheese excuse don’t cut it bub

  12. xenafan97 says:

    hey, you poseted it on my birthday!!!

  13. xenafan97 says:

    i’m a skitty & Treecko in Time
    i’m a skitty & Pikachu in Darkness
    i wanna be another skitty, but male, and have a chimchar in Sky

  14. TheSupercharmander says:

    i still dont get how we can move if time is frozen grovile must be lying

  15. shadowbolt67 says:

    i used to hydro pumps then my partner used scratched and won (no items used in this battle.) Me- mudkip Partn- Chimchar both lv. 47 golden seeds cheat heh heh

  16. changelingchild1 says:

    that actually was fun and EASY

  17. phobia98 says:

    Ever think of changing their tactic when you fight a boss to go after enemies?

  18. FunnkyCats says:

    I’m a skitty with a partner chickorta. Lol, we have the same partners…

  19. Vaporeongal08 says:

    i am a chimchar with my partner chicorita

  20. similispastor says:

    this whole game should be better related to real life. The time paradox states that if you see the future as dark, no matter what you do, it will remain dark. Your actions to prevent it will end up causing it.

  21. legolink2000 says:


  22. ABchihuahua98 says:

    omg im a skitty and i had to beat it alone. my partner just stood there and wacthed. GOD I HATE
    YOU JUN!!!!!

  23. poolk234 says:

    well if you liked first one, then yes. plus its got the 3 sinnoh’s starters. and all sinnoh’s pokemon!

  24. toadmandust says:

    he does have onimonius wind and was spaming that on me

  25. AngelDemonBakura says:

    It can get a little repetitive sometimes, but this game is really fun. But, then again, I am a Pokemon fan. But you should wait for Pokemon: Explorers of the Sky to come out. It comes out in September, I think around there. It’s basically the same as this game, but with a few extra missions in it. Wikipedia it.

  26. chad says:

    publicizing@syndrome.sparrows” rel=”nofollow”>.…

    good info!…

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