Pokemon Black and White – Final Battle Geechisu/Ending

After defeating N Geechisu, Team Plasma Leader, will appear saying how N is a disappointment as well as how he was using N all along for his own selfish needs. Geechisu will then challenge you and this is the final battle of the game (not counting post game). He is be far the strongest trainer so far. After you defeat Geechisu he will be taken away and N will release his Zekrom. After that the ending will play. Note: Like my HG/SS videos I’ll upload some parts of my playthrough in Black and White. I am currently playing Black version. Bare with me if I do stupid mistakes because I still don’t know the new Pokemon and new areas so I might spend a lot of time running around. My character’s name is ホワイト with a female sign at the end. This just means White so it isn’t anything special. Oh yea I’m a guy. Remember this video is for DEMONSTRATION PURPOSES ONLY. (So don’t make stupid comments about how I battle and such)

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  1. babygirl6293 says:

    Geechisu’s Pokemon are:
    Desukan lv52: Protect, Shadow Ball, Psychic, Toxic
    Baffuron lv52: Afro Break, Wild Bolt, Earthquake, Poison Jab
    Gamageroge lv52: Muddy Water, Sludge Wave, Earthquake, Rain Dance
    Kirikizan lv52: Night Slash, X-scissor, Stone Edge, Metal Burst
    Shibirudon lv52: Crunch, Wild Bolt, Flamethrower, Acrobat
    Sazandora lv54: Dragon Pulse, Surf, Fire Blast, Focus Blast

  2. hitmontopguy says:

    @LovelyFlowerPetals Which sounds more creative: a coffin pokemon that pretends to be a real one while attacking unsuspecting grave robbers….or a duck with a stick?

  3. ipodluigi505 says:

    @blackheart0478 They aren’t boobs, the buboes!!

  4. Terestrasz says:

    @blackheart0478 THose look more like speakers.

  5. blackheart0478 says:

    that frog has boobs all over is body

  6. SaskueSucks says:

    @Buitronthecrazy really? that retarded, it looks like luvdiscs angry dad

  7. 1bpddpb1 says:

    @scyther206 yeah, i’m trying to show how what LovelyFlowerPetals is saying is quite rediculous

  8. scyther206 says:

    @1bpddpb1 Dancing tree and cow = Sudowoodo(Not exactly) and Miltank

  9. Buitronthecrazy says:

    @SaskueSucks sorry, i wanted it too, but that fish is not it’s evolution, so Luvdisc is still a useless piece of crap

  10. SaskueSucks says:

    @Buitronthecrazy luvdisc?

  11. RobotRabbitStudios says:

    Wait so you dont get Zekrom?

  12. Terestrasz says:

    @1DPIKI It sounds like “Penance”.

  13. DJInt3nse says:

    @1DPIKI Chill out dude put down your picket sign. The words say “penance” i already knew that… was just trying to have a laugh.

  14. Lyonharvestmoonfan says:

    I don’t like when they do evolutions of past pokemons ( what I mean with past pokemons I refer to old ones,the first two regions)

  15. Buitronthecrazy says:

    @Lyonharvestmoonfan no, is not Tauro’s evolution, in factm there is no new evolutions of old pokemon in this game

  16. 1DPIKI says:

    @shaunross17 Desukan.

  17. 1DPIKI says:

    @sethizsprinklz Hey, hey, imagine that as the champion theme! ;D

  18. 1DPIKI says:

    @Hunterxd3 He calls N his son.

  19. 1DPIKI says:

    @Buitronthecrazy Cyrus was amazing. No one else who was looked down upon like he was would’ve tried to destroy the world with two legendary space Pokemon, right?

  20. 1DPIKI says:

    @DJInt3nse I’ll be laughing when it isn’t!
    Why the hell would they use Geechisu’s English name in the music? Pokemon is all designed to be a Japanese thing, English people just do a good job at translating! The music has little do with the name!
    And also having a song chanting a person’s name while you’re battling them is a bit of a silly idea, think about it. Not very cool for an antagonist.
    Trust me- take my word, it’s NOT Dennis!

  21. Clonetos says:

    @thersgonebad I agree This beats the hell outta DPPT (love SS though) but still Wow just WOW!

  22. Lyonharvestmoonfan says:

    That afro bull is Tauro’s evolution ?
    Hope not
    I don’t like when they create new evolutions of some pokemons of the past ( except Evee,I like when they do more evolutions )

  23. Lyonharvestmoonfan says:

    DENNIS !!
    I like more Geechisu.

    Hope they don’t change the name…

  24. ShowMeYaVids says:

    The afro bull should’ve been tauro’s evol. Sucks that this time round, there arent any old gen evols. Right?

  25. ShowMeYaVids says:

    Nice team Geechisu has aesthetically *coughcoughstoopidunderleveledshazadracoughcough*

  26. scott says:

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    good info!…

  27. Greg says:

    warrenton@curled.regards” rel=”nofollow”>.…


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