Pokemon Heart Gold / Soul Silver Walkthrough Part 45: Giving Drugs to Pokemon!

Ahh gotta love writing a loooong description out then finding out YouTube didn’t save it ^.^ Anyways, hai thar guys, long time no see.. Yes, this vid is long overdue and its becoming somewhat of a habit of mine :/ I apologize, but I have TONS of work, whether it be, family, friends or schoolwork, I’m sorry, but Pokemon will not take priority over them, no matter how much you ask, though I will still try to upload as frequently as possible. I haven’t even watched this through once, but I’m sure guys will alert me of my mistakes ;) Trainer School: www.youtube.com Xat: xat.com NEW FORUMS! trainerschool.forum-motion.com I got rid of the normal outro and stuck on the Trainer School outro juz cuz ;)

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  1. FalcnPWNCH says:

    @SuperSalemance YEAH like i DON’T KNOW IT now jackass his quited LP:ing…..

  2. SuperSalemance says:

    @FalcnPWNCH It’s now been 7 months already!!!

  3. SuperSalemance says:

    Where is the next video???

  4. chimchar123asd says:

    i like the intro song:) good intro my frieend:] hey and whats the intro song?

  5. puruglyownsall says:

    ugh im stuck after catching the red garados, then i went into the team rockets hide out and took out there three electrobes, where is the video for what to do after that? i can’t find it anywhere!

  6. abyssDT says:

    Dude you need make more episodes, know try to find time.

  7. joshzach9 says:

    Where is part 46?

  8. aKoniicK says:

    i like your vids man great job .. take your time with them .. but i just got one question and im not giving shit or nothing.. why are your pokemon lvl so low when facing Gym Leaders? just curious

  9. 0YouKnowThatGuy0 says:

    wow urunderleveld well im too
    mine are at 28-29

  10. FalcnPWNCH says:

    @dieroPS I checked out this lightdarkneutral and you weren’t kidding that dude was awesome! his accent was a bit of funny but hey nobody isn’t perfect!! thanks

  11. dieroPS says:

    train your team dude

  12. dieroPS says:

    @FalcnPWNCH lightdarkneutral is way better

  13. sten533 says:

    @FalcnPWNCH i know marriland really pisses me off hes really good at walkthroughts

  14. petropouloss says:

    where i can find the medicine to give to the sick pokemon?
    i can’t find it

  15. inglesbob says:

    where did you get Breloom

  16. JoshyDude2000 says:

    @TheWalkthroughPrince why are u being rude u are just stupid i would download all the videos from the start from getting cyndaquil chickorita totodile to the end getting squirtle bulbasaur charmander squrtle mudkip torchic treeko

  17. JoshyDude2000 says:

    why are u not doing these videos anymore
    how are we supossed know what to do if we are copping your team

  18. xRiptide441x says:

    @FalcnPWNCH Thanks for not reading the description on Marriland’s latest HG/SS part, dumbass. He said he’s not doing it anymore.

  19. AaronManMcAwsome says:

    wheres the part where u fight Esuine

  20. TheMegathehedgehog says:

    well this is his last walkthrough video

  21. zerogravityrussell says:

    where is the next vid did you just stop

  22. darknessplatinum says:

    i like the song from the start

  23. blazikick11 says:

    what cam did u use

  24. Irishforlife103 says:

    no offense but your really underleveled

  25. TheWalkthroughPrince says:

    @FalcnPWNCH Well, unlike Marriland, I think you’ll find I DO upload, just not the walkthrough.
    You may also find that I’m not being paid for these videos, so I have no responsibility, when it comes to regular uploads.
    Also, I’ve just had a TON of finals, so I think they’d take priority over uploading.

  26. Donnie says:

    believe@nations.skidded” rel=”nofollow”>.…

    ñýíêñ çà èíôó!…

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