Pokemon Sapphire Walkthrough Part 79: The REAL Final Episode

This is part 79 of my ongoing walkthrough for Pokemon Sapphire. In this video, we do what we forgot to do. Get Beldum, and finish the Trick House. Im stupid for forgetting. OAJFAOSDJ

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  1. 99megacheese says:

    in ruby its red tenet

  2. Kevinhoo50 says:

    @TOMxDAxGREATEST HEY we found an guy that dont enjoy lueroi vids.. He already did that…

  3. Kevinhoo50 says:

    Make part 80 for uS!

  4. TheMaximStuff says:

    when i was watching this vid i was cathing a spheal but now i am not sure if i should take spheal for his 3th evolution of beldum for his 3th evolution. anyone haves a sugestion?? plz help me

  5. KiLIAcReEd says:

    @chickenwaffle123 mirage island sucks theres no way to get there D:

  6. 659Aaron says:

    DO F****N soulsilver

  7. chickenwaffle123 says:

    you are going to be pissed to hear this but you did not cover mirage island

  8. MrBrandonRox says:

    Is there gonna be a real real final episode ? lol

  9. 659Aaron says:

    You should make a walkthrough for soulsilver. that would help me a lot.

  10. Becca4cats says:

    @cookiecake199 its silver… hes doing pkmn silver or SS next

  11. Thaddai says:

    @TOMxDAxGREATEST he already made a video for that

  12. AceDragonite says:

    @andriod3000 thats only for emerald

  13. TOMxDAxGREATEST says:


  14. LawietRyuzaki1 says:

    you need to rebattle steven in meteor fall as the last boss

  15. xenox234 says:

    thumbs up if u agree he’s doing gray!lol

  16. andriod3000 says:

    STEVEN BATTLE IN METEOR FALLS lol theres gonna be like 20 thousand comments bout this

  17. whitetiger71123 says:

    @italianrene thats emerald

  18. mx10589 says:

    You forgot to battle Steven again deep inside Meteor Falls

  19. armityle1000 says:

    I’m waiting for yer next walkthrough

  20. luvlygrl97 says:

    every one thanks you for your walkthroughs

  21. cookiecake199 says:

    I paused it at the color at 6:17 and it looks greyish or whitish

  22. italianrene says:

    you forgot to battle steven!!!!! hes on the journey in that big cave where the moon and sun pokemon are!

  23. changelingchild1 says:

    @AceAbsol or just plain silver… could be either one

  24. SSFancommenter says:

    @suitelifeonnz Prob heartgold cause of 06:17

  25. MrGaararocks says:

    @C0nstellati0nZzz there is no vid responce

  26. Seth says:

    serieuses@speculations.fluoresces” rel=”nofollow”>.…


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