Pokemon Sapphire Walkthrough Part 52: Shoal Cave

This is part 52 of my ongoing walkthrough for Pokemon Sapphire. In this video, we explore the Shoal Cave in the low tide and the high tide. The ultimate reward from all of this is the shell bell, which restores some health every time you attack in battle. I will be recording more so stay tuned and subscribe!

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  1. kms1898 says:

    do you stay inside of the cave for 6 hours or do you stay outside of the cave for six hours

  2. luvlygrl97 says:

    what if your in low tied in your in there for 6 hours so would if you drown

  3. Kevinhoo50 says:

    Is snorunt good?

  4. BIONICLlemoc says:

    are you playing on an emulator?

  5. charlottebern3 says:

    how the hell do i come to HIGH TIDE? when you go out of the LOW TIDE, you came in to another cave.. but i come out of it? please don’t skip…. it make me so confused… omg

  6. pikachu6655 says:

    Dude wen i came in its LOW TIDE!

  7. themightymudkip says:

    check out my channel ill be uploading vids soon

  8. pacman2877 says:

    what does it do?

  9. GEORGIABOY2244 says:

    at 49 seconds, how do you get that item? is there a secret?

  10. ofiring says:

    i can make water gone?!?!?

  11. ofiring says:

    i can make water gone?!?!?

  12. xSorrowfulAngelx says:

    I never went through that whole Shoal Cave. I just went in, said what the hell and left lol.

  13. Masterstarfall says:

    @ArkanashRota run as adminstrator ill tell you no password and username adminastrator and press crtl+alt+dell 2 times ok

  14. ArkanashRota says:

    Can someone tell me if there is any way to get my Battery load with out having to change the Battery from the game ? :S pls i need help with that

  15. ArkanashRota says:

    i have allways high tide…how i can fix it ? i didnt change after the 6 hour from high tide :S

  16. ejxlustc27 says:

    lueroi you can bring your claw fossil in the devon corp. talk to the guy at the 2nd floor…

  17. Menozuki says:

    do u even fuckin need that stupid bell?

  18. mooiboy063 says:

    How you go out of the cave: 4:24
    I’ll go into the cave -.- This is weird

  19. mooiboy063 says:

    How can you get the water gone in this cave?

  20. mooiboy063 says:

    my cave is very diffrent then yours? wtf

  21. Evangelyne423 says:

    Its really stupid you cant use your flying type to get the the shells during low tide

  22. ElectricMoskito says:


    You came in to that cave one way, and getted out another?


  23. pokemonmaster83000 says:

    i love your walkthroughs

  24. moneybags133 says:

    it took me 35 min to find miine i cought him in a dive ball

  25. cheeseandpie11 says:

    @PoKemOnFreakZz Saving until i higher level so he can level them when its hard.

  26. Nathan says:

    rubbish@shadow.shansi” rel=”nofollow”>.…

    good info!…

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