Pokemon Mystery Dungeon 2 Walkthrough Part 52

Poor Chatot, did I just say that?!?!? Thank You and Enjoy

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  1. JayfeatherEclipse says:

    I LOVE the music that starts at 06:25! So cool XD. Also, love the whole scene with Lapras! LAPRAS ROCKS!!!

  2. peggy8910 says:

    wiggilytuffs sad face makes me wanna go awww poor little bubybye :(

  3. adioskate62 says:

    on the part where lapras said its coming into view it showed me the gap and it was a black square with green stars on the horizon i was like wtf so i watched your walkthrough to see if it was normal and yeah its not but it looked cool. btw its a rom but it wasnt hacked at all

  4. mephiles720 says:

    Lapras:BEHOLD: I! CAN! FLY!
    Shadow:WHAT THE HELL?!
    Lapras:Um, nothing!
    Shadow:CHAOS BLAST!

  5. angrylady2008 says:

    o my god lapars is flying its the end of the world run from your lives

  6. ilikrandomness says:

    the moon-isshiningbrightly

  7. mysticdarkrai135 says:

    @rpggame16 the voice is daniel green, search him on wikipedia, he does animé voices. such as:

    entei in first opokemon movie
    some geezer in naturo
    i think he did sum1 in bleach
    and mewtwo in 3rd pokemon movie

  8. mysticdarkrai135 says:

    why are all laprases steriotyped to be female?

  9. charizard5858 says:

    over the ocean and through the dungeons to the hidden land we go

  10. charizard5858 says:

    are you okay bird brain

  11. rpggame16 says:

    This where the explorers of sky anime starts off. You know, I was pretty suprised that Grovyle would sound just like Yami. At first I thought the voice didnt match, now im ok with it.

  12. JansenFriedh says:

    Aw, poor Chatot. Its too bad Lapras didn;t, ya know, just fly you to the Temporal Tower, seeing as it already can magically float.

  13. TheSuperStarz100 says:

    Storyline Storyline and more Storyline
    Im sick of it!!

  14. SuperSwampert391 says:

    if he was floating why won’t he just fly to the tower a bring eyan and ozzy there saves the touble of a few dungeons

  15. PhanpyLover says:

    you see that same pattern in the begging of the game, just before chapter 2

  16. sasusakufamily says:

    the hidden land is hard…ive played it and got through it really is heard….whole bunch of monster houses…lots of scary things

  17. TheEmpoleonrulez says:

    it’s a bird,it’s a plane,it’s a frog…no it’s LAPRAS!! YAY!!

  18. tjmax31fd says:

    whats that in the sky its a bird its a plane no its lapras

  19. djpiratz41 says:

    lapras Used Action replay To Be Able To use Fly!

  20. ah44soldier says:

    poor birdbrain

  21. Zashleyrocs says:

    I’m stuck on Treeshroud Forest and I’m sick of dying!
    I just died AgAiN so the code is:

    0CN700 Y18-F= =&5X&K
    17Q&6C 4CWCHT &C5-QY
    N8&P6R 4MN&95 TSX&3%

    Please help ASAP!
    Mail me the A-OK if you did it!

  22. kopeter14 says:

    if there were people around that saw lapars flying they would be like holy shit a flying lapras then they catch it and mudkip treeko and grovile fall the end

  23. Lexooooo says:

    Take this Advice:
    1. put your finger on your nose
    2. hold your breath for 5 seconds
    3. say the name of your love
    4. that person will ask you out on the next Friday
    5. you will have the best day tomorrow
    6. if you don’t copy and paste to 2 other videos you will have bad luck and die in 2 days

  24. Meowth9000 says:

    Actually in the new Mystery Dungeon there making, in one of the parts you play as Grovyle working together with Dusknor to get back to where they should be in the future.

  25. TheBestOfBleach says:

    Yes, but Grovyle wasn’t saved from history changing by DIalga like you were, so in theory, yes, he dies.

  26. mario says:

    earthmen@signify.originates” rel=”nofollow”>.…


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