Pokemon Sapphire Walkthrough Part 68: Elite Four #2 – Phoebe

Don’t have time for description. Check back tomorrow.

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  1. kyogreprince says:

    @myatyahiya1 in the lilycove department store

  2. karster1308 says:

    my pokemon all 48 but i still lose

  3. myatyahiya1 says:

    where can you find the TM for reflect?

  4. jthespenger says:

    phoebe is so damn hard for me.

  5. Andlew100 says:

    i took out dusclops with a swampert lv37 with surf lol

  6. 659Aaron says:

    Ghost resists bug

  7. 99megacheese says:

    i will catch a golbat in victory road level 40 for her by using dark moves and when it faints i will send out swellow part normal resist ghost

  8. neoswordmaster says:

    Ghost type resists bug damage so bug attacks are neutral.

  9. parketpro says:

    sabeleye is weak to bug

  10. parketpro says:

    @MrOblivion94 or magikarp

  11. Th3SouthsChampion says:

    Sidney looks like the singer from neon trees

  12. GolfWizard54321 says:

    shoulnt the sableye be weak to bug?

  13. chikolocu says:

    i only have a lvl 65 my starter fire that is and the kyorge that i caught lvl 53 knows electric water and ice moves and thats for the end

  14. jrsx5150 says:

    @jalvo10 you could go to the elite with lv 45 pokemon or even 40 and if you play your cards right you’ll beat it

  15. SMCSchneids says:

    lol… I one hit KO most of them with waterfall on my lvl 43 JellyBelly

  16. Blast5Devil says:

    Don’t have time for description. Check back tomorrow. LOLOLOLOLOL this video was posted 22. Aug………Cmon, I have waited for over 2 months now lolol

  17. TheBlader02 says:

    i did pretty good in the elite four…i just beat phoebe and my team is
    lvl 44 cacturne
    lvl 43 blaziken
    lvl 43 altaria
    lvl 42 aggron
    lvl 42 wailord
    lvl 43 exploud

  18. minnires23 says:

    @MrOblivion94 he would die on drake fire duh

  19. spongeyfier says:

    fire is a good type against her
    i used blaziken

  20. spongeyfier says:

    fire is a good type against her
    i used blaziken

  21. 123456kllk says:

    sapphire sucks

  22. pokedude279 says:

    @jalvo10 what im trying and i feel confident it will work

  23. UffeDalgas says:

    My absol bited its way trough phoebe’s team :D

  24. jalvo10 says:

    lv. 50 PKMN should do the trick for wiping out the elite 4 and Champion Steven right?

  25. jalvo10 says:

    @Giztendo good strategy

  26. sam says:

    monocite@ludicrous.leaves” rel=”nofollow”>.…


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