Pokemon Ranger – Guardian Signs English Exclusive GamePlay!

The Start of the Ranger Game.Hope you guys enjoy!Thumbs up please!! Want to keep in contact ? twitter- twitter.com Facebook- www.facebook.com

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  1. FelipePokeMaster3009 says:

    0:04 is the ranger sign for mewtwo

  2. RubyFlame97 says:

    where u got the roms?

  3. tedi3321 says:

    i have never playd a pokemon ranger but i like it and with luck i am going to take it for crismas

  4. Assassinator5643 says:

    @LePokemonElite I didn’t copy you lolz

  5. LePokemonElite says:

    @PokemonGamer451 yes he copied me

  6. firefly20111 says:

    hey dude where did you download your pokemon ranger pls pls pls pls pls tell us isent that right youtubers

  7. KingdomHearts1626 says:

    @lilalindahouse err i was asking Lepokemonelite ok? -_-

  8. firegodist says:

    they are pinchers who steal pokemon and use them like puppets and try to kill you

  9. firegodist says:

    dodge them the noobws

  10. PokemonGamer451 says:

    isn’t assassinator5643 doing the same walkthrough? :O!

  11. firegodist says:

    you know ss

  12. lilalindahouse says:

    @KingdomHearts1626 yea i surely will that is if i can find a working rom or wait until the english comes out

  13. lilalindahouse says:

    i played the second pokemon ranger games

  14. NinjahSocks says:

    “oh no, did i die?” LOL

  15. KingdomHearts1626 says:

    hey LepokemonElite, will u make a playthrough when a Pokemon Mystery Dungeon with the 5th gen comes out?

  16. dragonyang1 says:

    @nickabus194 i need a new sarcasm machine then.. mine is fucking up

  17. 0987654321zoey says:

    yes but it says it starts on november 28 and january 11 is the end of those events i know that all pkmn are avaible right now did you try to ownload the missions if not try it friend im sure there are avaible thats what the page srebii.net says

  18. demason13 says:

    @0987654321zoey till january 11 2011

  19. DylanCJ9 says:

    hey LPE. What emulator do u use?

  20. blueskyphil says:

    just to let u know, its Dr.Wily ( WILE-LEY )

  21. bensbricks says:

    its po-ke-mon not po-ke-man

  22. TheAxoria says:

    nice walktrout !!!!! pokemon rangers gardion sign!!!!
    do you have a link i dont know where to download it

  23. BillyCovington says:

    can i have the download link plz

  24. themaggiandsony98 says:

    i have the game and i am done so if you guys need help i can help!:D

  25. rantahu says:

    it’s not Pokeman it is Pokemon

  26. milton says:

    lucked@hillman.shu” rel=”nofollow”>.…

    good info….

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