Sailor moon Ep 35 *Part A* (English Sub)

This one is like the follow-up about finding out that Sailormoon is the moon princess and how they had lost Mamoru

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  1. jesusramirez000 says:

    Im latino and i have watch sailoor moon original versión english spanish from México and spanish from spain and spanish from spain they call her bunny too

  2. 2010bagogyal says:

    @super713firefun serena is both their earth names she was sent to earth without memory of her true identity of the past

  3. Abbombissima says:

    Also in Italian version it’s the same… Usagi is Bunny and Kunzite is a woman! ^^

  4. Animex3Love says:

    heh, im german.
    and i watch the german sailor moon episods. (in german usagis name is bunny)
    and konzite is a woman in german !!
    in japanese hes gay xDDD

  5. akgm300693 says:

    @tamara235 thats so true :)
    it a lovely dress .. wish I had one like that … n-n
    does anybody know where to find all this SM chapters in sub english?

  6. mcrjazzy says:

    i totally love how Zoicite yelps like a little girl around 5:56 XD gotta love that. and okay, maybe kun and zoi are a little gay with the whole flowers falling down, but maybe its just a….father son, type a love?

  7. super713firefun says:

    princess serenity is sailormoon!but who is serena?

  8. leesha says:

    well it is said that there’s a fine line between love and hate and scientists resently proved that when you’re in love you get in a psycological state that inflicts changes on the same area insanity rises from, when triggered.
    That’s why many people who have low selfcontrol also get very self destructive when falling in love and kill them selves for loosing someone. something like that. so maybe love and evil is not so weird to co-exist.

  9. aryllia says:

    Ever heard of lust? I dunno – maybe they are mutated evil?? Oo

  10. lonerose1992 says:

    This is my first time seeing the japanese version so I thought it was a girl. i am surprised to see it is a guy.

  11. daftrok says:

    A gay villain that’s badass (Kunzite); they really are ahead of their time in Japan.

  12. RosePedals13 says:

    i thought zoiscite was a guy in the japanese version…..

  13. ladyevenstar22 says:

    i find way too complicated ,they’re gay ,in love and evil how does that work?!!! how does love and evil coexist huh?

  14. Starlightchan says:

    In the manga they’re just best friends, but I guess that they wanted to make the anime more interesting. XD Personally, I don’t mind too much

  15. warriorfanboy12 says:

    disturbing much

  16. hankia92 says:

    I think this part is a lot more meaningful in the english verson. But i like this one 2. :-)

  17. Singe says:

    Ah, that was so sad. Fuck princess Serenity and Endymion, Zoistie died D’x

  18. tamara235 says:

    usagi looks so pretty in her moon princess dress i wish i had a dress like it. this is the greatest episode ever sailor moon rocks

  19. DarknessSwam says:

    Wheres part C :’-(

  20. DarknessSwam says:

    WHA WHA WHAAAAATT?!?!?!?!?!!?

  21. DarknessSwam says:

    sooo true like they act like they are lovers O.O THEY ARE BOTH GUYS WHAT THE HELL??

  22. BeBeChAnGiTA says:


  23. slayer2406 says:

    the way serena blasts Zoisite back and then puts the wand down had me laughing

  24. irisqi says:

    I absolutely love this episode. Thank you so much for posting it in the original version. I mean, Zoisite a woman?? Absolutely atrocious.

  25. DanyelHawkes says:

    makes me cry everytime

  26. mark says:

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    thanks for information!!…

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