Pokemon Heart Gold / Soul Silver Walkthrough Part 4

Part 4 of Lueroi’s Pokemon HG/SS Walkthrough In this video, we check out Violet City, catch a new Pokemon, and enter the Sprout Tower. Next time we will finish up the Tower!

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  1. xtrememarioguy24 says:

    @supertrooper1997 yeah well i know

  2. xtrememarioguy24 says:

    @Disturbedfan873 great idea i think ill do new game because i can’t beat karen(elite four) and ill get all my pokemon to level 45 maybe higher

  3. somebodywmt says:

    i am terrible at walkthrus i am so worse then lueroi….i made an epic fail heart gold walkthrough i will be always under luerois shadow…nobody would wanna waste their time on my ghey attempt walkthrough it is sooooooo low quality its not even funny

  4. Feilong4 says:

    Now it’s a Fearow for Flying btw I caught a random shiny growlithe while trying to find the Fearow!! The vid is in my channel.

  5. Arceusfang says:

    rate my team im gonna batlle the elite 4

    Feraligatr lvl 45

    Ninetails lvl 40

    Pidgeot lvl 43

    Rydon lvl 42

    leafeon lvl 40

    Dragonair lvl 40

    What do you guys think?

  6. JJJjoyce says:

    rate my team no cheats just traded
    staraptor lv78
    torrterra lv88
    lugia lv 71
    hoho lv 63
    kyorgre lv 50
    articuno lv 53

  7. KingOfRedOxen says:

    @Feilong4 where is the sixth pokemon?

  8. BaybeeGabbz says:

    Crobat = EPIC. Love the Zubat family! Saved me in Platinum!

  9. talkersgirl3476 says:

    @Disturbedfan873 Thanks!:)

  10. Disturbedfan873 says:

    @Feilong4 good then its a well balanced team

  11. Disturbedfan873 says:

    @talkersgirl3476 yes it is

  12. Disturbedfan873 says:

    @xtrememarioguy24 lvl them all up to lvl 45 (at least) and then take on the Elite Four

  13. KingofBidoof says:

    hey lueroi? do you plan on making a walkthrough for pokemon black/white when they come out?

  14. MapleFunn says:

    haha, hilarious. WAYYY better then somebodywmt’s epic fail part 1 hg/ss walkthrough. If u wanna watch how bad he fails, check his channel he sux.

  15. linkisbeast says:

    did he use a emulator for pokemon black and white plz answer

  16. linkisbeast says:

    sis he use a emulator for pokemon black and white plz answer

  17. F34R3DxR4G3 says:

    @Feilong4 id say your a bit over lvld slow down a bit or it wont be fun =]

  18. Feilong4 says:

    thunderbolt!! :D

  19. Disturbedfan873 says:

    @Feilong4 Good team and do you have an electric type move on gengar? if not you just need an electric type move then there you go

  20. StormingBunny says:

    @avitype in the ruins there actually nothing for u to do. all u can do is get a few items and a lot of unknown. its actually not worth your time to hang around there. most of the items are useless anyways

  21. StormingBunny says:

    @bfr0d it is just a matter of opinion. for me and many others its a really fun game to play. dont ask why but its just really fun. and besides 90% of the people in my high school still play this game and love it. and that must show something

  22. avitype says:

    Darn, Your not at the part where I am now xDD I’m stuckkk ;A; With the Ruins area where you have to fix that mosaic looking thing, I fixed it but I’m not sure what to do now…

  23. Wildmonkey4U says:

    u should totally use mareep and re-name it im gonna re-name mine pikachu
    i love pikachu!
    pika pika pika CHUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!! pikachu no likey u pikachu zaped u 2 death!!!

  24. supertrooper1997 says:

    @xtrememarioguy24 low lvls

  25. UchihaClan223 says:

    And really their are 16 gym trainers and so 8 in Johto i think it is called and 8 in the pokemon region!:D

  26. raul says:

    disallowed@pozzatti.maximums” rel=”nofollow”>.…

    thank you….

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