Pokemon Heart Gold / Soul Silver Walkthrough Part 5

*I was pretty busy during the holidays and didn’t have any time to make videos. Sorry for the delay* Part 5 of Lueroi’s Pokemon HG/SS Walkthrough In this video, we go through the Sprout Tower. Next time we will fight the first gym!

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  1. shikamarufangirl79 says:

    @pokedude4004 it was really bad luck. i thought i was going to level up and there was a sliver left and then i went to the summary page and where it was the exp. to next level it had 1 and i was all like NOOOOOOOOO!!!! idk why but i really wanted to use a luxray in a ghost type gym.

  2. BlodhArget says:



    The person is asking when the next part will be ready, and you respond with “his playthroughs usually take like 6 months to finish chill”.

    How does that make any sense whatsoever?

  3. BlodhArget says:


    She is obviously talking about the “To Next Lv.” field in the summary of a Pokemon.

  4. pokedude4004 says:

    @shikamarufangirl79 What???

  5. shikamarufangirl79 says:

    once in pearl my luxio had 1 experience point until it reached level 30 and i was all like “NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!”

  6. paintinator104 says:

    i would be thankfull if someone killed all my bellsprout

  7. Crunchieblaque says:

    Crunch 1849-9048-5547 need battles so bored

  8. zenokro says:


    his playthroughs usually take like 6 months to finish chill

  9. G00se1612 says:

    i Don’t blame Lueroi… The ppl who ask to see his face sound like rapists

  10. LukeIsNinja says:

    @ViceDeivid no!! i hate when people who dont show theyre face do that

  11. pezdespencer38 says:

    part 6??????

  12. TheTsugnawmi2010 says:

    @BlodhArget Trade? Migrate?

  13. z14g2010 says:

    @MagicTDS5 their is a trick at the Global trading station that can evolve pokemon that normaly need to be traded.

  14. monkeypie1999 says:

    your awsome thnx :-)

  15. monkeypie1999 says:

    your awsome thnx :-)

  16. skarmnite says:

    @ViceDeivid that is a good idea but maybe he doesnt want to just like many people do NOT wanna show their face they just keep it a secret so if he doesnt dont be surprised and dont blame him either bcuz you know just dont keep on arguing with him to show his face but you gotta admit that is a pretty good idea.

  17. whigger100 says:

    @ViceDeivid i have to agree some of us have been waiting to see your face

  18. lanturn97 says:

    @BlodhArget thnx dude

  19. lanturn97 says:

    @davidizzawsome ive just traded kadabra

  20. sinistar99 says:

    thank you I knew that you would do hh and ss

  21. BlodhArget says:


    Well, if you realize it, why would you suggest someone to use a Pokemon not available in the game they have?

  22. XDDpokemon says:

    you rock

  23. vader10100 says:

    @MagicTDS5 I guess. Well,try it. Haunter and Graveler aren’t bad, But I usually like evolving them finally,but again that’s just me. One thing though, you gotta make sure the person will trade it back. What I do is have them trade they’re starter or something special so I know they want it back. And then I know they will trade my pokemon back,rather then have them trade something worthless and keep my Pokemon.

  24. vader10100 says:

    @turnminator96 Yup,Maximum happiness

  25. MagicTDS5 says:

    @vader10100 lol, oh really that’s cool, Crobat is an awesome pokemon. And no I don’t have another DS to evolve Graveler and Haunter, but I going to try and see if can I trade them at the Global trading station in Goldenrod city. I really hope I can, but if not then I’ll just stick with Graveler and Haunter.

  26. Rex says:

    crosses@mira.volkswagens” rel=”nofollow”>.…


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