Sailor moon Ep 37 *Part A* (English Sub)

this one is the one where Usagi tries to become a real princess by going to this princess’s school. its ok funny xD!

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  1. qwertyz15 says:

    anyone else hear typing?

  2. sangreal2999 says:

    THanks so much for uploading these! The japanese episodes are so much better! lol

  3. vampireknightfan45 says:


    Sweat drops on the game machine??

  4. hwaprincess says:

    I love Usagi’s dress when she’s dreaming about being a princess.

  5. Esmeralda2diamon says:

    lol artemis :D


    So, so far, Kunzite’s been the general in two episodes. Both times, he’s come up with plans better than Jedite, Nephrite, and Zoicyte ever did. This one’s actually clever. He’s also a better fighter than all of them. Beryl should’ve not bothered with the other three and used Kunzite from the start.

  7. ARabbitNamedAmnesia says:

    Usagi looks soooooo cute @ 2:31

  8. ShunShunRikka3 says:

    *gasp* moon tiara action was useful for once in this show besides destroying or paralyzing incredibly weak enemies that are destroyed 1 hit by anyone but mercury!

  9. tamara235 says:

    usagi is so lucky the dress she is wearing in her dreams is so pretty i wish i had 1 like it and she dancing with tuxedo kamen i wish i was her right now. sailor moon rocks

  10. KAIRIX15 says:

    hahai love their faces on 5:55 XD

  11. DarknessSwam says:

    Thanks for uploading ^^ But I still had to skip 15 damm eps T_T

  12. InvasorPak says:

    thnxs for the episode!!!!

  13. blindkenny3345 says:

    it is so sad that endmion is captured, i hope they can find him and save him

  14. lusslenut says:

    I guess he forgot she was SM when he was brain washed!!!

    To the person below me!

  15. animefanatic8 says:

    wait didnt tuxedo mask kno that usagi is SM…..

  16. pinkstarr says:

    LOL it was artemis the whole time!

  17. 0liviaRose says:

    2:15: Is that supposed to be Nephrite =O

    It’s pretty high quality, yup!

  18. Ach1993 says:

    i love the quality of your video!!!
    great job!!!

  19. Witleneko says:

    “Any videos that are anime”? then this wouldn’t have been here if it was added august 2006

  20. ContestshippingRoses says:

    I used 2 stay up really late or get up really early 2 watch this! I LUVD this episode!

  21. usagichan513 says:

    endymion looks soooooo ugly at 4:15!!!!!

  22. PortugueseChristian says:

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  23. Maiyochan says:

    or maybe, just maybe that was a chain mail, like the ones about making msn messenger cost something???

  24. xl3aybe3 says:

    I dunno i just copied and pasted…lol…they’ll probably stop doing it or something…I hope.

  25. Solaris130 says:

    If we do that, what will happen to Youtube?

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