Platinum 28 – The Distortion World!

Pokemon Platinum is now out in the USA, in English, so it’s time for some awesome HD video coverage of the game! This is the Distortion World, a very cool place added to Pokemon Platinum. It’s a pretty long dungeon with a few puzzles and mazes here and there, though (thankfully) no wild Pokemon to fight. I had a lot of fun with it. (: Anyway, this isn’t the entire thing, but it gets you through all of the puzzles inside of the Distortion World, and that’s really most helpful. The next two videos will be of Cyrus and Origin Forme Giratina respectively. Each episode will be uploaded in HD quality (HD quality is available a few hours after the non-HD quality version is available because it takes time for YouTube to convert 500~ MB… just be patient!) and I’m going to be pointing out as many of the changes as I can throughout my adventure. It’ll be similar to the Diamond Adventure series, except I’m going to mainly focus on interesting new Platinum things rather than covering my entire playthrough like I did in that. And be sure to check out my website: – For tons of Platinum data and stuff (a lot of it is still being worked on as I’m playing through) You might also really enjoy checking out my site’s Platinum Pokedex so you can see data on all of the new Platinum Pokemon! – http

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  1. randomgamerdude9 says:

    @Lewisakid thats what the 3DS is for

  2. MrRollercoasterfreak says:

    notice how in the game your mom know none of this happened you could of killed urself and she still wont know

  3. xxBExJEALOUSxx says:

    thank you SO much! i was stuck on this and my only best friend used her action reply to get through this, so i was hopeless. and everything told you HOW to get throw but it was SO confusing. THANKK YOU!!

  4. JMouzone990 says:

    @jake4027876 sir im sorry if you cant speak english but most likely you are from north america but if you arent i apoligise but please try to make an effort to speak english

  5. ugot0hp says:

    dude u r a LIFESAVER!!!!

  6. jake4027876 says:

    i silt play pokemon platm am jist wating to kill this gai at gamegrrnasik cus he has a zapiddos lv100 and he says i can have it bcus he beat me wen i evr see him agin

  7. thingsdie9 says:

    you were riding down the up-waterfall. nothing about that sentence makes sense

  8. thingsdie9 says:

    @pokemon026 platinum had the best plot

  9. Haguatchi says:

    After the boulder puzzles are completed:
    Uxie: You’re smart
    Mesprit: You understand me
    Azelf: You can move
    Same puzzle, different meanings

  10. pokemon026 says:

    Still one of the best things to come out of Generation IV

  11. CSlaught02 says:

    @DavonV23 It’s not waterfall, it’s surf, but in the distortion world, there’s no physics, so you surf down a waterfall

  12. CSlaught02 says:

    @TheMusicalSchizo If you do that then he won’t be in Origin Forme

  13. maybelx1 says:

    i love you mannn!(: this helped alottt!

  14. Flowtail says:

    It’s just Pokemon, Cyrus. Don’t over think it.

  15. SquishyCool says:

    This video helped a lottt – thank you!

  16. DeathOnArrival2 says:

    i tot it always drop on the head and hit them and they all say OUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  17. swiftphoot says:

    thanks for the helpful video walkthrough, this really saved the day!

  18. YTFON says:

    @DavonV23 u dont need waterfall to go down that one cuz it’s in the distortion world where everything defies the laws of physics. u dont even need the hm if u want to go back up and ride it all day

  19. earthleaf1 says:

    u go thru the waterfall becaause there is no physics

  20. DaEbilKid says:

    is my game glithched? cynthia is just at the bottom near a portal like the one you use to leave, saying, buy… theres no justice at all!

  21. baseballfan9912 says:

    great vid as always marriland!!!!! Keep up the good work!!!!

  22. ShinyDarkArceus says:

    Dude, thanks soooo much! The distortion world is too confusing. : )

  23. TheMusicalSchizo says:

    By the way i am going to get the giratina in the turnback cave instead of in the distortion world

  24. BlackRose3542 says:

    My repel wore off in exactly the same spot O.o

  25. DavonV23 says:

    So You can Use Waterfall without the 8th badge ?

  26. scott says:

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  27. Tyler says:

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  28. Jorge says:

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  29. Duane says:

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  30. phillip says:

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