Pokemon Black and White – Sanyou City and Gym Leader Dento

Had a bit of trouble with this gym with just my starter so I went to train for a bit. I leveled up my Mijumaru and Yorterrie a bit. Depending on which starter you pick is which gym leader you battle. You always battle the one who has the type that is strong against your starter. Note: Like my HG/SS videos I’ll upload some parts of my playthrough in Black and White. I am currently playing Black version. Bare with me if I do stupid mistakes because I still don’t know the new Pokemon and new areas so I might spend a lot of time running around. My character’s name is ホワイト with a female sign at the end. This just means White so it isn’t anything special. Oh yea I’m a guy.

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  1. carnax489 says:

    Heh, I’m glad I’ll be facing Dento in the first gym =) Furthermore, if you get the puzzle wrong, what happens? Is it like before, where you get forced to fight a trainer before moving on? I usually prefer it that way, because it means more training

  2. truearea53 says:

    So this is the first gym eh? Well the puzzle is easy but the gym leader is a bit tricky for the leader who has the advantage type for your starter might be difficult, but that wont stop me! No siree! >:)

  3. rcrsoccerkid says:

    @lucasman505 I’m getting Snivy.

  4. lilalindahouse says:

    go to the east place and one as the people there will give you a monkey with the advantage to the gym (eg u chose mijimaru u get the fire monkey)

  5. 1234567897897897able says:

    the gym leader in the red looks like the guy from scriblenauts

  6. ohohothisrocks says:

    this is the first gym am I right? If so…finally! the first gym doesn’t use rock types anymore! johto doesn’t count because its the continuation of the other half of the sixteen different pokemon types

  7. Forestdragon1999 says:

    whats with water emo dude?

  8. FFsandKHs says:

    @ptxsptxs No offense to anybody, but you’d think that all that traveling around regions would add a few years to his age…

  9. FreshLemonification says:

    Well… I like this first Gym Leader, ’cause Dento made me many problems with Yanappu to Mijumaru. If you get Baoppu is very easy, but It’s boring in that way :)

  10. PrimeroseRomania says:

    Yorterrie sounds a lot like Riolu….

  11. ptxsptxs says:

    @KTH96 Ash might be older, but his brain is still at the age of 10 :P

  12. jmgdigimon says:

    @RedSalamander Hey the water monkey knew Earthquake, cuthim some slack!

  13. jmgdigimon says:

    @RedSalamander Hey the water monkey knew Earthquake, cuthim some slack!

  14. forcepowder says:

    the name is dent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. HoennMaster says:

    @smokeviv It says right in the video description.

  16. HoennMaster says:

    @Mucrush No, he’s 10 simple as that. Ash has never even celebrated a birthday. He’s 10, pure and simple, it was not a mistake. Characters don’t age in the show.

  17. Mucrush says:

    @KTH96 Yeah but it can only have been a mistake of the writers, because we have already seen at least 3 times that there has been told that there has been a year. He is at least 13 years :b

  18. smokeviv says:

    Can you pick any of the gym leaders. Or does it matter on what starter pokemon

  19. Wolferrath says:

    so we have Axel (Pod), Zexion (Corn). Ha!!! XD

  20. clawsthewolf says:

    wait so hes the only battle wow the others r their for show

  21. PeeJay100011 says:

    @MrXxxurmommaxxx mijumaru’s finial evolution is the coolest of the all

  22. Superzip8 says:

    Can you battle gym leaders again at the end of the game?

  23. Tonyle414side says:

    @TVHarman But but. It’s a UNICORN DRAGON.

  24. lucasman505 says:

    Thumbs up if u like Oshawott! ^_^

  25. gbvdibjk says:

    @MrXxxurmommaxxx yea im sick of Fire/Fighting too.

  26. Marvin says:

    jurisprudence@tuhulhulzote.foreign” rel=”nofollow”>.…


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