Anime Expo 2005 MooN*Sync III cosplay skit

MooN*Sync III was performed at the Anime Expo 2005 Masquerade. The skit is a Sailor Moon parody based off of teeny bopper artists. Video courtesy of Linus Lam. Awards 3rd Place Masquerade Trophy, Group Craftsmanship Runner-Up For the photo gallery, script, and cast list, please visit: Bonus MooN*Sync I is now uploaded for you to watch and enjoy: AGSMA’s MooN*Sync I at Anime Expo 2001

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  1. junisse says:

    oh god to funny look at zaisite to the left dancing to the spice girls and gets hit lol to stop that lol

  2. loraemon says:

    omg this was the most EPIC WIN masquerade ive ever seen.

  3. IchaIchaMJ says:

    I think my childhood just died

  4. lunabrittany says:


  5. ObanKing46 says:

    Thsi is the best skit i have ever seen in my life
    it’s so GODLY!!

  6. LullabyeLaura says:

    @HanonGuurl527 It’s from Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, the live action series.

  7. InsanityCase says:

    That was awesome! My favorie had to be the ending! :D

  8. ChelseaLynn961 says:

    ur welcome im glad to help

  9. ShikaTrinity says:

    @ChelseaLynn961 so thats what she said!
    i’ve seen this skit so many times but i never understood what she said at that part
    thanks ^^

  10. pirategloria says:


  11. dizzyliz1965 says:

    You fo rizzal? XD That face is….so convincing! Ah nah I kid. lol

  12. residentwriter says:

    Okay that ending was with moon twilight “flash” was absolutely horrible…yet strangely funny.

  13. ChelseaLynn961 says:

    HAHA moon twilight FLASH!!HAHA!!funny at da end!!!lol rofl roflmao

  14. gabyvillanueva1 says:

    lol this is the funniest coslpay i have ever seeen !!! i am series !!OwO

  15. xxsazumexx says:

    I think the phantom of the opera is usagi lover (his 1st outfit)
    I might be mistaken but that’s what I think

    Awesome cosplay ^^

  16. alinahime says:

    muahaha, so funny ^^lol you guys rock :D

  17. animechick808 says:

    “MOON TWILIGHT….FLASH!” beat the guys really well.i mostly laughed at the end

  18. Yahiko88 says:

    This was done very well. LOL!!

  19. ReinKozaki says:

    OH MY GOD I CAN’T STOP LAUGHING! xDDDD They’ve all got quite the moves, by the way. xDDD

  20. mandymitchell says:

    Both Tuxedo Mask and the Phantom have a knack for popping up in climactic situations.

  21. bjsdemon says:

    the phantom of the opera music: Tuxedo Mask. Think about it for a second. Tuxedo Mask usually appears wearing a white mask. The Phantom of the Opera wore a white half-mask

  22. snoopy63ride says:

    lol..i couldn’t stop laughing!lol

  23. xanimexfaeriex says:

    rofl! no more this is my last vid for tonight! if i keep watching crazy vid i’m gonna die of laughter.

    to ppl who are easily amused do not watch the cosplay song,the cosplay skit that never was, or any multiple vids involving cosplay XD

    P.S. where’s the Phantom of the opera fit in all this? lol

  24. ChibiAlyssa says:

    sailor moon got BACKK.

  25. SailorJupiter713 says:

    rofl! I almost died when tuxedo mask came on to the phantom music!

  26. Bernard says:

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    ñïàñèáî çà èíôó!!…

  27. Ernest says:

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