Banzai to Anime

one two three four five here’s a collection just for you Song: Misa’s Banzai wow, OVER 9000 VIEWS! Tell you in order. Ultra Maniac School Rumble Powerpuff Girls Z Happy Lesson Strawberry Panic Kannazuki no Miko ROD (Read or Die, Read or Dream (two diffrent series)) Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya Super Gals Kaleido Star Kashimashi Elfen Lied Sailor Moon Tenchi Muyo Evangelion Cardcaptor Girls Bravo Excel Saga Xenosaga Mermaid Melody Ex-Driver Galaxy Angel Azumanga Diaoh Negima.

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  1. EvilSapphireR says:

    1:54 Lol found it! xD

  2. japanman501 says:

    Ah, anime some of the best cartoons created by mankind.

  3. MrMinetoo says:

    by the nearest monday, u will wake up in the anime u r watching. Howerver, this wonderful gift will not happen until u post this comment in 5 anime videos or amvs within the next 24 hours

  4. LuckArse415 says:

    @fuwafuwakitty at 1:30 its close enough

  5. hejjagedu says:

    I love anime….. stuff that you can’t see regular humans do o_O

  6. fuwafuwakitty says:

    where is the hentaiii stuff? …>///<

  7. oScOp3x says:

    hahh this is epic ;D

  8. hejjagedu says:

    @megamags123 if you mean at 2:50, that’s not cat ears, it’s horns. Elfen Lied, a show with VERY MUCH nudity and people being sliced in half, getting holes in them and such

  9. angcrssg says:

    bien por poner las series en informacion (R)

  10. KittyCatRat says:

    @megamags123 She’s not catgirl… those are horns. But it’s Elfen Lied, I believe. I haven’t seen it, but I’ve read about it.

  11. sergio22611 says:

    korean tacos hahaha

  12. RyanDeA92 says:

    …. wtf…

  13. RyanDeA92 says:

    …. wtf…

  14. RoosterMaind says:

    @DrSasuke1 I’m sure that’s true XD

  15. DrSasuke1 says:

    THERE ARE 2,686,850 Pervs on youtube excluding me since i just wanted to see the comments :D

  16. Rcpengy123 says:

    where’s the coconut song from?

  17. robodroid00 says:

    @Justin32598 @Andreazor Hentai , right?

  18. CubedEgg says:

    lol the beginning from like 00:00 to about 00:27 is so ugly! ^^

  19. David17Ino says:

    1234 BANZAI¡

  20. imooatcows101 says:

    I love Rhodes animes u used I seem them all :D oops I forgot Roku 6 xD

  21. imooatcows101 says:

    Haha power puff girls I love the song eechi née sa chi go haha the numbers 12345 lalala

  22. Creepyevilchild says:

    @Andreazor Thumb.Nail. xD

  23. Zeldapowerwisdom says:

    People should know none of that is on youtube lols

  24. jackofblades94 says:

    @USFullOfLies fail english?

  25. SpliNterCellFan697 says:

    @Andreazor because people thought they were going to watch anime porn but it failed

  26. Gordon says:

    bookers@nerveless.awnings” rel=”nofollow”>.…


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