1997 Sailor Stars (Kaiteiban) [01/11]

1997 ウインタースぺシャルミュージカル 美少女戦士セーラームーンセーラースターズ [改訂版] 1997 Winter Special Musical Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Sailor Stars (Kaiteiban) A revision of the original Sailor Stars musical. Based off the Sailor Stars arc of the manga/anime, Usagi must deal with the new enemy, Galaxia, while dealing with Mamoru studying abroad. This musical has some of the best performances of the first stage. The Three Lights, Katayama Sayuri as Seiya, Ono Hikari as Taiki, and Okuyama Momoko return in this revision, and Kawasaki Mao returns as Chibi Moon, Kasahara Ryuuji plays the dynamic MC Fly, and Endou Ado appears as Sailor Theta. One of the best musicals, IMHO. Japanese audio with English subtitles. Songs: * オーバーチュア Overture * Chasin’ After You * ライトにアバンチュール Light ni Adventure Cast: Sailor Moon – Ooyama Anza Sailor Mercury – Morino Ayako Sailor Mars – Kotani Misako Sailor Jupiter – Satou Emika Sailor Venus – Nakaya Kanatsu Sailor Uranus – Kimura Sanae Sailor Neptune – Tahara Hiroko Sailor Pluto – Saitou Rei Sailor Saturn – Takeda Keiko Sailor ChibiMoon – Kawasaki Mao Tuxedo Kamen – Mochizuki Yuuta Sailor Star Fighter – Katayama Sayuri Sailor Star Maker – Ono Hikari Sailor Star Healer – Okuyama Momoko Galaxia – Sara Saori Pewter Fox – Iemura Junko Iron Mouse – Maruyama Chie Titan Kerokko – Yamaguchi Haruko Tin Nyanko – Hosokawa Toni Buttress – Seki Shiori MC Fly – Kasahara Ryuuji Sailor Theta – Endou Ado Sailor Phi – Akimoto Rieko Sailor

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  1. enchantedtoast says:

    ….the shortcake made a short circuit?

  2. 671sweetangel says:

    the timings off

  3. jinilover says:

    @DoujinshiGirl haha, 1 moon, 7 suns, haha, no wonder I just felt something strange

  4. DoujinshiGirl says:

    The date at the beginning is translated wrong…

    It should be translated as “Year 1997, January 7″. But, other than that, it’s great! :)

  5. soragirl6 says:

    @Toshisan Love this! This is my favorite!

  6. duffywoody says:

    the mouths not matching the video does not bother me at all im just pleased its up fully subbed just in English some 1 has both English and Japanese subtitled on the songs at least

  7. kumada84 says:

    taiki is talented to play a guitar solo on a bass LOL

  8. estrella2nico says:

    en unas horas mas lo subire subtitulado en español

  9. sotohana says:

    Notice it doesn’t match the lines either, its a delay problem on the file they were uploading.

  10. animecuteone says:

    I noticed that their mouths don’t match the music or lyrics…is that supposed to happen? or did some thing bad happen during uploading?

  11. duffywoody says:

    this is the first sera myu dvds i bought

  12. sangoyashie says:

    The lyrics to the adventure song are so funny!

    I really love these musicals!

  13. BaxterStockman17 says:

    I really loved Anza. Cause she’s so funny on every time I saw her in Sailor Moon Musicals.

  14. calymicaela says:

    especially michiru, they should have at least made it look somewhat like she’s playing it, she not trying to do vibrato at all, but oh well still like it

  15. XxMUSICxCORExX says:

    I love it too, it’s awesome that they showed that Michiru is a violinist and Haruka a pianist. I can’t help but notice that, obviously, they are not playing it (duh). I can’t help but let that bug me. XD

  16. sailorgallifrey says:

    I love how Haruka and Michiru are playing the overture. Same applies for Chasin’ After You. And the story so far is pretty adorable/awesome.

  17. reindeercrossing says:

    All the moons have their good and bad Moments but My favorite is Marina then everyone else lol. It’s hard to choose a 2nd. Anza has some of the funniest scenes though.

  18. mxn021 says:

    ahaha i love that part when yaten says he tells that to everyone and michiru says i do the sae thing.. that is so priceless lol

  19. aosono says:

    Mmm. I’m unbelievable. ^^;
    Though I think that the difference is clear even if I compare it for a musical orz I dislike marina moon…

  20. Toshisan says:

    Ryuusei was the first musical ive seen, so of course it will be my fave

  21. Toshisan says:

    i love Anza’s acting, its like she was born to play sailor moon

  22. Toshisan says:

    i like the ones in Ryuusei better, ive seen them perform (on here of course) and i have this musicals soundtrack, and i think the second batch has better voices

  23. Sakananechan says:

    god, anza plays such a great moon…

    I love these musicals!

  24. PrincessSerenity667 says:

    Lol, I guess that’s true.

  25. butterflyfreak101 says:

    but it still looks good♥

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