Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Ending Tribute ~ What Hurts The Most

I’m still sick so I made another vid xP I had to make it 1,5 times because WMM ruined the first one ;_; I think the first one was better x_x I messed up with the sync at some parts, but it was very hard to get it work. But hey, nobody’s perfect xD Anyway, this took about 4 hours. Enjoy~ Song: What Hurts The Most Artist: Cascada [Disclaimer: I do not own the music, pictures or Pokémon. The song belongs to Cascada, pictures are from Deviantart and Pokémon belongs to Nintendo. This is purely fan-made.] ^I own some pics also in this vid though, but anyway. :P

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  1. musicfan981 says:

    this is so sad video i cried i really did serious

  2. bellacosbanlpy6 says:

    this is so sad i cried ; . ; i rly did ; . ;

  3. bellacosbanlpy6 says:

    omigosh XD im a eevee and my partner is a vulpix @_@

  4. ravenfeather100 says:

    @Eevee2020 flametail is a warrior name!

  5. MrPlatypus07 says:

    my teams: pokemon mystery dungeon (sky): Sceptile (lv 100) and quilava (lv 100) pokemon mystery dungeon (blue): Machop (lv 100) and swamper (lv 100) pokemon mystery dungeon (darkness) : Feraligathor (lv 100) and Charmeleon (lv 100)

  6. TheXblade40 says:

    0:24 cutest thing in the world!!!!!

  7. Eevee2020 says:

    Chihiro (Eevee) and Vulpix = TEAM WHITEFIRE! and now FLAMETAIL >=DDD

  8. Eevee2020 says:

    @zorau223 So what? It’s cuuute!!

  9. 94Animestarxxx says:

    still like u pikachu eevee n piplup !!

  10. 13CrystalHeart says:

    @Lightningstrike1220 I really don’t want to know what goes on in his mind, aru…but yeah, more kangaroo-ish

  11. Lightningstrike1220 says:

    @hardyeric1 Pikachus looks more like a kangaroo.

    Not a woman…. what goes on in your mind?

  12. hardyeric1 says:

    0:08 LOL pikachu looks naked and looks woman ish xD

  13. 94Animestarxxx says:

    pikachu n eevee n piplup
    was my charatcer on pokemon mystery Dungeon
    sorry spell

  14. Lightningstrike1220 says:

    @Lightningstrike1220 kk this is annoying darn error message

  15. Lightningstrike1220 says:

  16. TiffanyPikachu says:

    @zorau223 :3 cute

  17. 94Animestarxxx says:

    lov it very much

  18. rockhound403 says:

    1:26 is my rescue team on red and riolu and shinx on sky. P.S For those of you that think I am a boy i am a GIRL! I just wanted to be a riolu… :( :(:(:(

  19. BOXER299 says:


  20. DarkFangStorm says:

    this makes me tear up

  21. MyBadRobot1 says:

    In The End your pokemon comes back so it’s not as sad

  22. Slipfunice says:

    2:03 OMG SO CUTE!!!

  23. chimmychick says:

    @Lightningstrike1220 Hey, I’m 23. I still love pokemon, and this still makes me cry. so which one of us is worse XD

  24. Lightningstrike1220 says:

    Good music, fits this very well cookies to you.

    heh 19 years of age and yet this still makes me cry. Pokemons a genuis for throwing out things that target you emotionally. makign you realize what is truly important you.

    Trying to draw a picture of Myself and my partner goofing off =P wish me luck

  25. chimmychick says:

    I’m loving this video. I started crying so hard.

  26. ernest says:

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