(HD画質、’09日本一) Pokemon WCS Japan Final (Sr.)

in Tokyo Prince Hotel 2009,5,4 ポケモンWCS全国大会。ベスト8までの選手がアメリカ行きの切符を手に入れます。 この映像は僕が撮ったものではなく、埼玉代表選手の方が撮ってくださったものです。 僕がこれを入手できたのは幸運な偶然であり、感謝申し上げます。 それぞれ独立したモニターで対戦しているようです。 ゲームの音は消され、代わりにショウダウンオリジナル曲が場内に流れています。 山口、静岡、鹿児島、大阪A、神奈川B,埼玉、近畿ラスチャレ枠、関東ラスチャレ枠以上の八名が世界大会に旅立つことになります。 ジュニアの部も合わせればそのまま二倍の人数です。

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  1. hoshikudaki says:


  2. Shin1992E says:


  3. reimonmon0519 says:


  4. XxxMampfaxo1983xxX says:

    oh my gosh, blizzard has missed 3 times and his opponent has meteor mash crit and parahaxx.

  5. Commanderwulf says:

    i would love to compete in one of these….. oh well…. a dream that will remain a dream ;/

  6. wasuraruluigi says:


  7. chikenz64 says:

    dude, major luck on the other side… its a good thing uwon the world championship :D

  8. grade1california says:



  9. pheanoblack says:

    massive hax

  10. adwin2005 says:

    THX for sub

  11. yuichi0359 says:


  12. Poker0b says:

    I wish we had this epic music at the start.

  13. CUSTDORN says:

    That well Be Cool The Rotom Formes Be in The Pkmn Battle Revoltion in The Other Pokemon has Been not tv srceen yet and the other formes

  14. CUSTDORN says:

    Wow! i Can Belive it on Trainers Go on Paltinum Going to Pokemon Battle Revoltion that well be Awsome Giratina’s Ongion Forme Go in That Game & Other Pokemon From on Platinum Go on Pokemon Battle Revoltion thats sounds Kind of Fun!

  15. drugducks0rz says:

    nice match!
    btw seadra, why is that a video reply to Pokémon Video Game Championships 2009 German Qualifier Tournament: Final Battle (Fatum VS Chris)? did you add this later?

  16. LilMissCrissy1 says:

    Yeah it’s not wifi, pokemon don’t get balanced down to level 50. ReNzUkIkUn is correct

  17. MatzeSuperMario says:

    maan i want the updatet version from the game…

  18. TheCoaster07 says:

    Umm… I dont think you know a thing. Pokemon over level 50 are not allowed. Duh.

  19. shawdow212 says:

    dude they are at lvl 50 battle all pokemon are lvl 50

  20. lilnintendo64 says:

    dude its really a shame when he missed blizzard and got paralyzed the other fucking japan ease guys where like laughing at him i mean seriously if it were not for all the haxs he might actually have won…either way great battle…

  21. omgimraj says:

    dude the guy probably had metagross at level 100 but they used lv 50 double battle you should really not comment if you don’t know a thing

  22. ReNzUkIkUn says:

    lol metang learns meteor mash at lvl 50 then evolve to metagross..

  23. cyclohm says:

    wow, does no one check for hax at these things? Metagross learns meteor mash at lv. 55

  24. AuraKshatriya108 says:

    Interesting……it sounds like an orchestrated remix of the Cyrus Battle theme is playing in the background, it`s a pretty epic choice for this tournament. Awesome. 5/5!

  25. DeathKurai says:

    nice match^^
    i’m a little bit nervous – in 2 weeks the german turnament starts, but i give all!!!!!!!!!! ;)

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