SuperBlah411s Pokémon Sapphire Nuzlocke Challenge Part 25

What is up PMPBeta, today we bring you part 25 of SuperBlah411’s nuzlocke of pokemon sapphire. The rules for a nuzlocke and this LP will be below. And remember, if you like this and want it to continue, make sure to leave a big “like”, and hope you enjoy! Rules: Can only catch the first Pokémon encountered in each route or area. Release a Pokémon if it faints, or Make a Cemetery box in the PC. If your last Pokémon faints, you must start over from the beginning. You can catch a shiny whenever one is encountered regardless of other rules. Nick can break rules and random moments when he gets super pissed off. Optional Quests: Hunt and Kill all Legendary Pokémon.

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  1. GalaxyDuelist64 says:

    You know, in all of the pokemon games I’ve never seen an elite four member who uses Electric types

  2. aliasVAMP says:

    @catboon1 Of course it’s not. That’s why I mentioned that I was pretty sure Chauncey could outspeed. Granted I thought he could OHKO the Cradily . . . ginzhun reminded me Ice Beam wouldn’t be x4 though.

  3. Noah7131997 says:

    absoljaboi crit ftw

  4. los1wochos says:

    great walkthrough thx xD

  5. solosoloblackdude says:


  6. TheAmazingSquirtle says:

    R.I.P. Diesel.

  7. catboon1 says:

    @aliasVAMP bringing in Chauncey with a x4 weakness to Giga Drain is not smart.

  8. lasse2121 says:

    thumbs up for absol sweep! and the only reason why i disliked this vid was bcause we last deasel!

  9. JP317 says:

    @BosnianT15 You can if you look at them, there are always other options like focusing directly on the video or full screening the video so that the comments can’t be seen. I’m just trying to give options as five people moaned about spoilers.

  10. choatixtherobot says:

    Since you have to get to Pacilllog (or whatever its called) to unlocked the regis, go and get Rayquaza first :)
    Secondly, this is sapphire, you cant get to Birth Island

  11. ginzhun says:

    @aliasVAMP Ice Beam would only be x2 to Cradily. Rock is not weak to ice.

  12. dashdancedan says:

    How you narrate is exactly how my internal monologue/thinking sounds

  13. aliasVAMP says:

    Did you not Full Restore on Diesel so you could keep the Guts boost?

    Also, I kept thinking you’d bring in Chauncey for the x4 Ice Beam. I’m sure you could’ve outsped a Cradily even though you were under-leveled.

  14. BosnianT15 says:

    you should have just death foddered ronaldo on purpose cuz he did less than nothing

  15. BosnianT15 says:

    @JP317 that makes sense but you can see the highest rated comments without scrolling down, so its the people that thumbs them ups’ faults

  16. JP317 says:

    Wow, Big Daddy Cool. Did he want more money and jump to WCW or something?

    Oh and the people complaining about “spoilers” in the comments, then comments exist so you can comment on a video, shocker right? I know it’s hard but have you thought about not looking at them until after you’ve watched the vid?

  17. Feliciano151 says:

    Absoljaboi REALLY pulled it off for you! Poor Diesel…but Addi was freakin’ amazing! I’m totally gonna raise one now.

  18. lizardguy7 says:


  19. MasterBattler26 says:


  20. MasterBattler26 says:

    I love that crudely

  21. Torchic956 says:

    @Haydunn *cries* You spoiled him dying!

  22. SagaciousSilence says:

    Plusle survived and yet Machamp died. WOW

  23. DacilTrance says:

    @Haydunn SPOILER !!!

  24. 77ikill says:


  25. BassManiac07 says:

    RIP Diesal :

  26. Angelo says:

    barbarian@permissible.indifferent” rel=”nofollow”>.…


  27. Samuel says:

    cushioning@plays.humiliating” rel=”nofollow”>.…


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