1997 Sailor Stars (Kaiteiban) [06/11]

1997 ウインタースぺシャルミュージカル 美少女戦士セーラームーンセーラースターズ [改訂版] 1997 Winter Special Musical Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Sailor Stars (Kaiteiban) A revision of the original Sailor Stars musical. Based off the Sailor Stars arc of the manga/anime, Usagi must deal with the new enemy, Galaxia, while dealing with Mamoru studying abroad. This musical has some of the best performances of the first stage. The Three Lights, Katayama Sayuri as Seiya, Ono Hikari as Taiki, and Okuyama Momoko return in this revision, and Kawasaki Mao returns as Chibi Moon, Kasahara Ryuuji plays the dynamic MC Fly, and Endou Ado appears as Sailor Theta. One of the best musicals, IMHO. Japanese audio with English subtitles. Songs: * See Me,ぼく達の時代 See Me, Boku-tachi no Jidai * It’s 超Very Bad! It’s Chou Very Bad Cast: Sailor Moon – Ooyama Anza Sailor Mercury – Morino Ayako Sailor Mars – Kotani Misako Sailor Jupiter – Satou Emika Sailor Venus – Nakaya Kanatsu Sailor Uranus – Kimura Sanae Sailor Neptune – Tahara Hiroko Sailor Pluto – Saitou Rei Sailor Saturn – Takeda Keiko Sailor ChibiMoon – Kawasaki Mao Tuxedo Kamen – Mochizuki Yuuta Sailor Star Fighter – Katayama Sayuri Sailor Star Maker – Ono Hikari Sailor Star Healer – Okuyama Momoko Galaxia – Sara Saori Pewter Fox – Iemura Junko Iron Mouse – Maruyama Chie Titan Kerokko – Yamaguchi Haruko Tin Nyanko – Hosokawa Toni Buttress – Seki Shiori MC Fly – Kasahara Ryuuji Sailor Theta – Endou Ado Sailor Phi – Akimoto

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  1. volpe3fuego says:

    LMAO@ Ryuuji (MC Fly)!!!! IT’S CHOU VERY BAAAAD! XD OmG I love that guy!

  2. rakusaa2 says:

    @duffywoody I was thinking about that too, because they all introduced themselves name… kou, which in Japan, it’s usually Kou Seiya, or Kou Yaten… But then again, did Usagi introduce herself/be introduced as: Tsukino Usagi or Usagi Tsukino??? It’s an interesting thought. Then however being all named Kou would make a weird sense in SM world, as they’re all lights/stars and the Generals were all the same stone.

  3. duffywoody says:

    @LittleRed19278 well thats really weird if they all share the same first name

  4. annitalayla says:

    I love this Three Lights. Like everyone says, Sayuri, Momoko and Hikari are perfect!

    I love Sayuri’s voice (L)

  5. GoldiGirlProducts says:

    yeh lol, Yaten’s the goofy one here XD

  6. GoldiGirlProducts says:

    This is much better then the 1996 :) we see MUCH more of the three lights = <3 yay!

  7. emisayuri says:

    aahh! Sayuri, Hikari and momoko are the only three lights and matchless! The chemistry between them was genial!
    ahh amo a seiya! Sayuri and her character makes perfect *0* love it! Sayuri, momoko and hikari are the originals!

  8. OwlPostMistress says:

    The Three Lights are great; Sayuri-san, Momoko-san, and Hikari-san just have great chemistry together on stage. They play off each other really well.

    Not sure what to say about “It’s Chou Very Bad”…the singing leaves something to be desired. Plus the lyrics are weird. Also, is it just me, or did anybody else notice the Chou Girls’ entry number is 666 (generally regarded as the devil’s number)?

  9. BaxterStockman17 says:

    “See me, This is our Era.” It’s one of my favorite song.

  10. vint88crimeson says:

    wow.. momoko yaten sure is funny.. even s/he become different yaten from anime, s/he can perform completely NEW yaten.. and that’s alright. good job momoko!!!

    and i want to pinch sayuri’s cheek!!

    and i just LOVE hikariii!!!

    i can’t stop laughing if this 3 staging… lol

  11. LittleRed19278 says:

    Their first names are Kou. Seiya/Taiki/Yaten are their last names ^_^

  12. DrOlogy says:

    I like this Yaten too, because he’s funny. But this musical was made before Stars was finished, so maybe they didn’t know how serious he would turn out to be.

  13. twilightluverlulu says:

    omg sayuri is PERFECT for seiya!!!(i love him he is soooo funny in the anime) and this yaten is like the exact opposite of the yaten in the anime lol

  14. reindeercrossing says:

    I love Sara Saori as Galaxia, her screams are so perfect!

  15. Bluerain109 says:

    wow the woman in the middle is cute….X) and I am a female, too…lol

  16. HijaDelMar6 says:

    Though when Kasahara-san’s caracter introduces Usagi he says “Usagi Tsukino”, so I wonder… especially since the Lights like to use a lot of English words and basically have this sort of “American wannabe” way to them, so maybe they deliberatly say their names like Americans would.
    Also I’ve never heard of Kou as a first name, whereas Seiya is a commonly used first name and I think some other anime had a Yaten too, so I personally think that Seiya/Taiki/Yaten are their first names.

  17. waterkeeper511 says:

    “See Me” has such an awesome melody. ^_^; Chi, Phi, and Theta are really really creepy, I think. =( I wish Lethe and Menmosyne could be in the musicals…

  18. PrincessTwilight16 says:

    “And our funny,one and only space case” that made me laugh the first time i saw it, and it stil makes me laugh. God job

  19. Lego3400 says:

    Japanese names are normally Family name followed by Given name (EX Tsukino Usagi) so it’s agreed that they share the first name of Kou though no one is extactly 100% sure.

  20. animefreaks456 says:

    I felt like I was watching the anime

  21. harukaX5 says:

    i change my mind when i wrote this comment i didnt know the actor for yaten very well now i think yaten’s pretty funny i like her shes awesome momoko-sama rules!!!!!!!infact i like all three of them they’re halarious GO STARLIGHTS!!!

  22. TheTrashCat says:

    for some reason i always mistake iron mouse for chibiusa

  23. Cookai11 says:

    Hehe. I love Iron Mouse!

  24. ElectricShark says:

    My personal favorite Sailor animamate was Sailor Lead Crow.
    I was sad to see she wasn’t in this musical.
    But she is in 2004 one! :)

  25. Lego3400 says:

    They are woman all the time in Sera Myu, just cross dressing.

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