1997 Sailor Stars (Kaiteiban) [09/11]

1997 ウインタースぺシャルミュージカル 美少女戦士セーラームーンセーラースターズ [改訂版] 1997 Winter Special Musical Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Sailor Stars (Kaiteiban) A revision of the original Sailor Stars musical. Based off the Sailor Stars arc of the manga/anime, Usagi must deal with the new enemy, Galaxia, while dealing with Mamoru studying abroad. This musical has some of the best performances of the first stage. The Three Lights, Katayama Sayuri as Seiya, Ono Hikari as Taiki, and Okuyama Momoko return in this revision, and Kawasaki Mao returns as Chibi Moon, Kasahara Ryuuji plays the dynamic MC Fly, and Endou Ado appears as Sailor Theta. One of the best musicals, IMHO. Japanese audio with English subtitles. Songs: * それぞれの悲歌 Sorezore no Elegy * A Knight for Sailor Soldiers Cast: Sailor Moon – Ooyama Anza Sailor Mercury – Morino Ayako Sailor Mars – Kotani Misako Sailor Jupiter – Satou Emika Sailor Venus – Nakaya Kanatsu Sailor Uranus – Kimura Sanae Sailor Neptune – Tahara Hiroko Sailor Pluto – Saitou Rei Sailor Saturn – Takeda Keiko Sailor ChibiMoon – Kawasaki Mao Tuxedo Kamen – Mochizuki Yuuta Sailor Star Fighter – Katayama Sayuri Sailor Star Maker – Ono Hikari Sailor Star Healer – Okuyama Momoko Galaxia – Sara Saori Pewter Fox – Iemura Junko Iron Mouse – Maruyama Chie Titan Kerokko – Yamaguchi Haruko Tin Nyanko – Hosokawa Toni Buttress – Seki Shiori MC Fly – Kasahara Ryuuji Sailor Theta – Endou Ado Sailor Phi – Akimoto Rieko Sailor Chi – Akimoto Sachiko

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  1. Okamidachisan says:


  2. MsAra999 says:

    świetnie jest granie przez Anze

  3. mickeyfan5534 says:

    Wow. This is probably one of the more emotional musicals.

  4. aosono says:


  5. OwlPostMistress says:

    Wait, I thought Mamoru was supposed to be dead at this point. I thought that Galaxia killed him first, while he was on the plane to America. How can he be alive?

    Also the Tuxedo Kamen mask is goofy.

  6. KailenNAudrey says:

    yea there r corny costumes and hair LOL but this is a powerful play

  7. XxMUSICxCORExX says:

    Sore No Elegy is overacted, in my opinion. Her “NO!” scream at the very end of the song is like, heart-wrenching though. Gah. This is the best of the first stage musicals, byyyyy far. I love it.

  8. HPPcello2 says:

    I think it was in the manga

  9. sailorgallifrey says:

    Wow, she’s powerful when she’s upset. I’d make it a point to not be her enemy.

  10. ThePyroWitch says:

    Wow. I’m totally blown away by Anza’s awesome performance. Very emotional. And her scream was fantastic.

    Wow. She said “I hate you.” That’s harsh.

    HAHA! Kunzite… I mean Tiger’s Eye.. I mean.. MC Fly has a King Endymion costume on. ^^

  11. SilverFalconz08 says:

    since when did galaxia have a sapphire crystal?

  12. jeishiikanzaki says:

    … Was he lip synching? D:

  13. SilverFalconz08 says:

    this is kinda like a blend of the first few episodes of stars and the last few episodes. cuz the same thing happend when they were stuck in the illusion world.

  14. winxclubfan94 says:

    she is reaaly good acter adn she scream very weell too XD

  15. Frostbite02 says:

    I…cried SO hard

  16. Kappa72127 says:

    I loved both Anza;s and Kimura’s sceams. They sounded so real it was scary.

  17. funfunwee says:

    ……T^T sorezore no elgy…forver.

  18. Sakananechan says:

    wow. I’m pretty sure I’m in love with this musical. That song was beautiful song and Anza’s acting is amazing… she can put so much emotion into her voice and her actions… god, I just want to watch this over and over again! (and probably will, haha)

  19. winterstone21 says:

    sore zore no elegy is one of the most saddest songs i have loved in these stage plays…

  20. Lego3400 says:

    Theat mask makes Mamo’s face look fat….

  21. disneysgreatest92 says:

    Singing and Acting wise Anza is the best Usagi/Sailor Moon there was and that’s why is my favorite. She can be so funny but when she needs to be serious like during this scene she nails it perfectly

  22. mixjayb2k says:

    The wigs really did get better and so did the costumes from the first musical which is a good thing.

  23. harukaX5 says:

    wow never mention the uranus and neptune part when they were worrying about eachother in the anime but cool XD

  24. cuteyqq says:

    Wow. when anza is serious, she is so cool. when she is clumsy, she is so cute. a perfect Tsukino Usagi and Sailor Moon =D

  25. SailorMoonie4e says:

    Who ever says that Sera Myu is prerecorded and lyp synced, I tell them to watch this one right here. Cause this proves that they aren’t lyp syncing! There’s no way that you can do a scream like that lyp syncing!

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