Pokémon White – Part 4 [Walkthrough]

Walktrough of Pokemon White, Enjoy!

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  1. PokemonFreckHGSS says:

    where did you downloaded the rom please give me the link
    I do not get ep

  2. 96vicki says:

    @RobbyFly1996 which not means that your english is crap!!!

  3. 96vicki says:

    @RobbyFly1996 don´t worry my english is crap too xD

  4. RobbyFly1996 says:

    @96vicki yes man i know what youre mean :(
    the shoud stop creating pokemon games for a waile because the 5th gen ist shit :(
    BTW. sry foor my bad english :(

  5. 96vicki says:

    @RobbyFly1996 hahaha^^ I don´t like the most pokemon ob b/w like this stupid candelabra or this abbhorrent pokemon which looks like barf…

  6. RobbyFly1996 says:

    @96vicki just because gengar ? ;D
    yes i know gengar looks crap :(

  7. 96vicki says:

    tsutuja and his evolution looks best. but I don´t like the game so much because gengar looks crap xD

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