Sailor Moon Episode 32 pt 3 Bad Hair Day (English)

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  1. spacejammer03 says:

    dide i just c serenas underwear at 0:53??? iv’e always thought that their skirts r way 2 short

  2. Tropicolada1142 says:

    @iguanalover567 yup XD

  3. Fennetica6043 says:

    Ahhh. VCR’s… I miss them…

  4. redbutterfly456 says:

    nooo Darien, how could you??

  5. lalacrazi says:

    @peacepeeps0 Terri Hawkes

  6. iguanalover567 says:

    did she say “no more mrs. nice guy”?

  7. peacepeeps0 says:

    does any body know who the voice of serena/sailormoon?

  8. suites1186 says:

    Good job go gey fat right fter you need to be skinny to beat the megaverse

  9. yallright says:

    Haha Negasleaze

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