Platinum Arceus Booster Box Opening! 2/5

Out today, description later!

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  1. MegaBlast5000 says:

    @Nintendo1104 i feel the same way

  2. ZackAttack228 says:

    I get 20 bucks tomorrow and I don’t know if I should get HG/SS series Collection or the Call of Legends: Master of Illusions box. Which is best?

  3. aaronstone800 says:

    if people like the different types you should make those decks and you could do mix type decks.

  4. TheBlackArceus says:

    have you quitin makin videos

  5. calebgarcia2 says:

    the “H” is silent.

  6. GoldenArrow222 says:

    in the pack at 3:58 you got all 3 of the burmys

  7. tsukasa2711 says:

    where did u buy this??

  8. Awayze says:

    The cards seem cheaper than the original base sets

  9. Mewzacht says:

    Who else feels annoyed when someone pronounces a Pokemon differently than you always thought it was pronounced; maybe it’s just me. (Irrelevant to video. :3)

  10. tsukasa2711 says:

    @Nintendo1104 me too! this is cool

  11. animewolf1284 says:

    i need to stop watching your videos…i wanna go buy pokemon cards with the money i dont have…some one make me turn these offffff
    *clicks on the next part*

  12. aaron96able says:

    Hey Guys i have a Ho-Oh ex, Celebi ex. For sale… i also throw in two other suprise cards which are good. Please post a comment on my channel :) . Chaos Nice Pulls.

  13. Nintendo1104 says:

    Watching this makes me wanna go and buy loads of packs!

  14. 10754nt says:

    i want that salemance i need that for my deck

  15. GamerBoy1396 says:

    @XxSaveXXMyxXBono So true, when i open a pack i felt so good

  16. catman1cheese says:

    Do you have a zorua?

  17. TennisaceAn says:

    the one lv x i wanted in this set was gengar and i got evrey other lv x except gengar

  18. ThePokemondude45 says:

    arceuses are lv. 100

  19. finalblow613 says:

    the 1 lv.x i really want from the booster box { in the future, when i’ve got the money} is salamance lv.x

  20. azmin13 says:

    Hey man sub my channel and everybody else out there sub mine and ill sub urs back

  21. BrianTransGuy1448 says:

    @poppyuin I get tins at Target generally. I think Toys “R” Us sells them, too, but I know Target has a big selection of tins.

  22. SuperMalcolmp says:

    I love Tangrowth also!

  23. Music14Lover14 says:

    i liked it keep doing those vids

  24. poppyuin says:

    wheredo u get the big tin thingys i want one so bad!!

  25. Zman2603 says:

    nice lvx

  26. jason says:

    integrate@televison.structured” rel=”nofollow”>.…


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