Platinum Arceus Booster Box Opening! 1/5

Forgot to upload this one first, Lol sorry for the inconvenience, I was out all day with my Family though! *I don’t live with them anymore, so bear with me =P*

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  1. sonicriders789 says:

    lol i got one of these and what i did was i didnt even look at the commons and i took the two rare and holo cards and put them in a pile and did tht for all of the packs so i had a stack of rares and holos to look through

  2. Frasier2098 says:

    @Pureflamez20 actually there around 60 pounds

  3. Bazelnut2 says:

    how much is that box? plz answerz I EVEN SUBSCRIBED 2 U @Chaostorrent

  4. pokeashpikachi says:

    i like your vids you r the best

  5. wickedwildwest says:

    @Pureflamez20 pureflame there around £80

  6. khalloud1997 says:

    @pokeashpikachi Oh, Hello.

  7. pokeashpikachi says:


  8. Pureflamez20 says:

    On my first 2 booster packs. Me and my friend went to go get Pokemon Black and White , well he got it the day as me but in the monring , we went to go get and we saw cards wierdly enough. He srota persuaded me so it is soeta his fault but i have liked cards and i always liked collecting things cause it’s so fun. So he said ok i’l choose yout he first and you choose one , i remember i chose a Charizard booster pack. I got a Arceus! Wierdly enough , when i chose i got a Shiny Kyogre! Lucky right!

  9. Pureflamez20 says:

    Yeh , i heard they call him him Arceus (The Box Sayung) When he has all plates , and he is just called Arceus (The name you like to call him) with just no plates. I like your boxes and what pokemon you get , i love theese cards even though they don’t gte anything i am just so determined and i always want mroe cause it’s such a suprising mystery what your gonna get. If you get what i mean , it’s so exciting , how much were those boxes anyway? I live in UK so i am not sure how much.. Do you know?

  10. 123gamingpro says:

    i just got a arcues lv xtin and hoppfully ill get a arcues booster box

  11. aaronstone800 says:

    what ever cards you get in a boosterbox always try to make mix decks and pure type decks.

  12. RhysWickens says:

    how do u know whats a holo and what isnt?

  13. Eleanor1284able says:

    Is any arceus cards for trade

  14. pokemonplayable says:

    Thea same here

  15. khalsa70 says:

    can u get me a booster box?I dont have any money to buy 1?i used all my money on this computer?If u can please PM me and ill tell u my adress to ship to?

  16. suicunetrainer says:

    @mrbiigcatch28 look at ebay

  17. Khanstant says:

    Thank you saying Arceus the natural sounding way.

  18. mrbiigcatch28 says:

    how mutch does a booster box cost ?

  19. mrbiigcatch28 says:

    how mutch does a booster box cost ?

  20. aaronstone800 says:

    get call of legends and post it please

  21. CrystalWolfeh says:


  22. GoldenEagler says:

    ur gastly and haunter had no pupils in one of the packs

  23. gau17321 says:

    get me a box

  24. snorlaxpulls says:

    @franciscoserrano100 BITCH

  25. lynniebear7 says:

    @franciscoserrano100 jealous much?

  26. James says:

    anonymity@capacitors.pierced” rel=”nofollow”>.…


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