Is It A Good Idea To Microwave A Plasma Ball?

Poll: Will you stop asking me to microwave those old experiments now!? Experiment #100 – Plasma Globe To celebrate our monumental 100th experiment (our actual episode count is around 113), Jory is finally going to microwave one of our most requested items, and see if a plasma globe acutally makes plasma inside of Lacey. So, you’re probably wondering, Is It A Good Idea To Microwave This? Tune in to find out. Twice a week, microwave specialist Jory Caron microwaves different objects… so you don’t have to! The “Jory Caron Microwave Laboratory II” is a state-of-the-art facility equipped with tinfoil shielding, a ventilation system, emergency surge protectors, safety clothing, and of course – a General Electric turntable microwave named Lacey. ** New Episodes Every Monday & Friday! ** +++++++++++++++++++++++ +++++ Support The Show +++++ FAQ Video – T-Shirts —– ideo App —- Live Show — Donate $$ — +++++ Connect With Us +++++ ::: Jonathan Paula ::: YouTube —- Twitter ——- Facebook — ::: Jory Caron ::: YouTube —- Twitter ——- Facebook — ::: Riley McIlwain ::: YouTube —- Twitter ——- Facebook — ::: ideo Productions ::: YouTube —- Twitter ——- Facebook — +++++ Video Credits +++++ Starring: Jory Caron, Riley McIlwain, & Jonathan Paula Filmed & Edited By: Jonathan Paula An ideo Production – © 2010. ~

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  1. illblud says:

    Microwave an electric motor

  2. Themanwithablackhood says:

    @unibrow12345678 that is the questions

  3. SuperCheezyGuy says:

    It was at expirement #84 after 99 seconds!

  4. discohome16 says:

    I think its not a good adea

  5. MrOMGWTFxCorp says:

    i just hate the intro.

  6. benskitv says:

    If you mean by microwaving internet spam, then its a good idea. I’m positively sure.

  7. SuperLizardBean says:

    2:16 actually that episode is not finished so the last 99 episodes

  8. Subterra218 says:

    You should of turn it on for more EXCITEMENT!!!!!!!!!

  9. jenna223456 says:

    Microwave roasted nuts.

  10. wolfshark1 says:

    @unibrow12345678 I am sure it will!

  11. BAUT30 says:

    microwave a hairspray

  12. natennateproductions says:

    U shoulda turned on the plasma globe and then did it

  13. david2020able says:

    i think you sick and need a docto r” microwave boy”

  14. Cherriecupcakes says:

    Please microwave a DVD in a box, then see if the disk is burnt that has been inside it XD

  15. legoboy1234567892 says:


  16. GalvezArtSign says:

    @tubby6t9 they already do..

  17. jasperchan94 says:

    @tubby6t9 he did that

  18. radagoestheturtle says:

    microwave duct tape please

  19. tubby6t9 says:

    You should Microwave a smaller Microwave. Surely thats a good idea.

  20. ipissonyourcat says:

    1:59 orgasm face

  21. shoyrumaster11 says:

    you should microwave a wallet

  22. kolton03 says:

    @unibrow12345678 IM NOT SURE :/

  23. kolton03 says:

    @Jokris100 im glad i helped you in time :o

  24. sdvfuihsdiovsfiog says:

    is it a good idea to microwave a Grenade?

  25. ToaRanen7 says:

    Maybe if you TURNED IT ON you would get cool results.

  26. Harold says:

    witherspoon@tomonggong.skits” rel=”nofollow”>.…

    ñýíêñ çà èíôó!…

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