Anime Transformation Mix 1

Sailor Moon: Eternal SailorMoon: Big Bad love ~ Springbreak SailorMerkury: Hide And Seek ~ Dannii Minogue SailorMars: Lose My Breath ~ Destiny’s Child SailorJupiter: Wouldn’t it be good ´~ Cascada SailorVenus: What you want from me ~ Cascada SailorUranus: Go Dj ~ ? SailorNeptune: We’re in heaven ~ Cascada Sailor Pluto: ? Starfighter: Because the night ~ Cascada Starhealer: Truly Madly Deeply (Techno Mix) ~ Cascada Starmaker: Blue ~ Eiffle65 Ojamajo Doremi: Group transformation ~ Everytime we touch (remix) ~ Cascada Wedding Peach: Peach: Sound of my Dream (remix) Daisy: ? Liliy: ? Salvia: God is a girl ~ Groove Coverage Tokyo Mew Mew: Group transformation: Castle in the sky ~ dj Sammy Yes! Pretty Cure 5: Nozomi/Dream: Wonderland ~ Crazyravers Rin/Rouge: Moonlight Shadow ~ Groovcoverage Urara/Lemonade: Watashi No Tamago (My Egg) ~ Shugo Chara Egg! Komachi/Mint: Listen to your heart ~ Nightcore Karen/Aqua: Sag das Zauberwort ~ Sailor Moonies Kamikaze Kaito Jeanne: Jeanne: Life is Like A Boat ~ `? I do not own the animes or the songs!

Bring me to Life – Anime

This is my first amv ^^ Anime: +Sailor Moon +Inuyasha +Fruits Basket +Fushigi Yuugi +CCS +Rurouni Kenshin +Vampire Princess Miyu & some Ayashi No Ceres Song: Bring me to life – Evanescence I hope you like it ^_^

Veronica Taylor (Original English Ash Ketchum Voice) – Anime Boston 2009.wmv

She is awesome.

Anime Mix – Tell Me Something I Don’t Know

Animes(in the order they appear): Sailor Moon, Shugo Chara, Mermaid Melody, Tokyo Mew Mew, Pretty Cure, Yes! PreCure 5, Battle Skipper, and Wedding Peach Song: “Tell Me Something I Don’t Know” Artist: Selena Gomez

[Yumei Anime] Sailor Moon 29.part1.avi

[Yumei Anime] Sailor Moon 29.part1

[Yumei Anime] Sailor Moon 28.part1.avi

[Yumei Anime] Sailor Moon 28.part1

[Yumei Anime] Sailor Moon 28.part2.avi

[Yumei Anime] Sailor Moon 28.part2

[Yumei Anime] Sailor Moon 18.part2.avi

[Yumei Anime] Sailor Moon 18.part2

Banzai to Anime

one two three four five here’s a collection just for you Song: Misa’s Banzai wow, OVER 9000 VIEWS! Tell you in order. Ultra Maniac School Rumble Powerpuff Girls Z Happy Lesson Strawberry Panic Kannazuki no Miko ROD (Read or Die, Read or Dream (two diffrent series)) Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya Super Gals Kaleido Star Kashimashi Elfen Lied Sailor Moon Tenchi Muyo Evangelion Cardcaptor Girls Bravo Excel Saga Xenosaga Mermaid Melody Ex-Driver Galaxy Angel Azumanga Diaoh Negima.

Anime Expo 2005 MooN*Sync III cosplay skit

MooN*Sync III was performed at the Anime Expo 2005 Masquerade. The skit is a Sailor Moon parody based off of teeny bopper artists. Video courtesy of Linus Lam. Awards 3rd Place Masquerade Trophy, Group Craftsmanship Runner-Up For the photo gallery, script, and cast list, please visit: Bonus MooN*Sync I is now uploaded for you to watch and enjoy: AGSMA’s MooN*Sync I at Anime Expo 2001

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