Pokémon Black & White – Episode 42-1 [Reshiram Battle]

Episode 42 – The Legendary Reshiram Please remember to Thumbs Up and share this video! ;D Thumbnail by Tuooneo! Check out her awesome arts! tuooneo.deviantart.com Pokémon Black and Pokémon White are developed and published by Nintendo and Game Freak. Please support the official release.

Pokémon Battle Revolution: Vs. xXGreedoXx – German

Ein Kampf gegen einen anderen Youtuber. ——————————- Gegner: www.youtube.com ——————————- icq-Nummer für Kämpfe: 616 355 044

Earthbound – Battle against Giygas Part Two

Add &fmt=18 to the end of the url to cut down on distortion near the end. YES IF YOU LOOK YOU CAN SEE A FETUS AT THE END WOW THAT’S SO CREEPY CAN WE PLEASE MOVE ON

Mobile Suit Gundam Wing – Episode 45: Signs of the Final Battle

Hilde manages to sneak onto the Libra and steal some valuable data, but she is discovered. Meanwhile, the White Fang prepares to battle the forces of Earth and destroy the Gundam pilots.

Battle Ash vs Barry

Ash’s and Barry’s batlle. Ash’s team: Chimchar,Gliscor and Pikachu Barry’s team: Staraptor,Roserade and Empoleon ————— ==Enjoy== ————— Copyrigh from: Cartoon Network

Ash Vs Mandy(full battle)

Ash :Krabby-Kingler Mandy :Exegutor,Seadra and Golbat Rate comment and subscribe!! Enjoy Dont worry about this below Extra tags: pokemon pokemon battles ash vs mandy full battle megapokemonchampion subscribe pokemon battle krabby evolve krabby evolving misty brock leugue battle pokemon leugue kingler cookie

Pokémon Platinum – Legendary: Regigigas Battle

The optional boss fight against a very pathetic Level 1 Regigigas in Pokémon Platinum.

Pokemon B/W – N Battle Remix – GB style

ポケモンBW – 戦闘! N・GBアレンジwww.nicovideo.jp

Ami-Chan’s SuperS Battle Diary! (Super Sailor Mercury VS Dark Super Sailor Mercury)

For High Quality: www.youtube.com Ami-Chan has a flash back about her new powers and defeating her dark side, Sailor Dark Mercury. At the end Ami-Chan recieves a picture and letter from Michiru. Credit: A BIG SuperS thank you to rob52xbhs for helping with this video. Thanks to him this video wouldn’t have been completed. rob52xbhs: Provided me the Sailor Moon R clip, where Mercury dodges the water.DISCLAIMER: I don’t own these clips. © Takeuchi Naoko. © Copyright TOEI ANIMATION ENTERPRISES © TOEI ANIMATION Co.,Ltd. No copyright infringement intended These Clips belongs to their respective owners.

Pokémon Sunday: Victini Battle Scene

www.filb.de —- © 2010 Pokémon. © 1995–2010 Nintendo / Creatures Inc. / GAME FREAK inc.

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