Pokemon Black and White Wifi Battle #26 – Rollout Shuckle Sweep

Shucklebots let’s Rollout! This was the first battle during my live stream and I wanted try out my new Shuckle so here’s what happened. It was good times. Shuckle goes solo and wrecks everything that comes in it’s way. No Baton Passing or any other kind of support is needed for this beast. Power Share is new move in gen 5 which works Pain Split for the atk and sp.atk stat of the two pokemon. Since Shuckle has practically no atk whatsoever (base 10 on both sides, lol) it can really criple opposing powerhouses. It’s a good option especially now since Encore got nerfed. With Power Share this Shuckle can leech the attack from the opponent and continue to set up with Defense Curl to boost it’s defence stat while it also doubles the power of Rollout. The boost for Rollout remains as long as the user doesn’t switch out but more than one DCs don’t give any further power for Rollout. Sandstorm support would be appreciated as Shuckle will reach sp.def of over 900! Shuckle w/ Leftovers – Calm/careful nature – 252hp, 252sp.def, 4def – 0atk/sp.atk IVs if you really wanna utilize PS • Power Share • Defence Curl • Rollout • Rest My opponent’s channel: www.youtube.com


MORE CLIPS: www.bboyworld.com

Nbz Vs sharktamer *UU Battle* – Narrated Pokemon Battle #70

UU here, not done one in a while Comment on guitar pl0x

Nbz Vs OmegaPit *Ubers* – Narrated Pokemon Battle #53


Xenon3120 vs. mew&daddy #174#175 Pokemon HG/SS Wi-Fi Battle

Awesomeness is near – one click away! www.youtube.com Q: do you like this new style Youtube made? GG Sigi, GG dmac www.youtube.com ✖you are free to make video responses to my newest video anytime, as long as they are Pkmn Wifi battles and new (not old)✖

Thanksgiving Pokemon Battle!! Embrace the Holidays!

This was really fun for me. I enjoyed making this team, it was pretty sweet. Twist just threw 6 birds together, oh well lol. Happy Holidays everyone! Eat that turkey! I take no credit for the music Kefka Theme by Nobuo Uematsu Mambo de Chocobo by Nobuo Uematsu You All Ready For This featured in NHL2k theme

Xenon3120 vs. TheDiesel3120 #152 Pokemon HG/SS Wi-Fi Battle

X3120 Vs D3120 gg Charlie (that Spiritomb was major pain)! Charlie is pretty new when it comes to Youtube and Pokemon but his learning fast. Perfection is Diesel3120 www.youtube.com Question of the day – located (END of the video) Thnx to KazoWAR, for sharing this masterpiece called English patch with the rest of us. www.youtube.com Leave a comment – gotta read them all – rate, sub, enjoy

Xenon3120 vs. SebastianK94 #145 Pokemon HG/SS Wi-Fi Battle

Question of the day! – What is your favorite Pokemon type? For me Normal – for you? Check his Pokemon channel www.youtube.com He makes excellent commentary vids pure addiction i tell you….yep, yep www.youtube.com This is his second channel where he does a lot of 3D work and tutorials. Rate – if you like the video Comment – because PRO Answer the question – because i wanna hear it Sub – if you haven’t already Enjoy – because thats the main goal of this video

Pokemon Heart Gold/Soul Silver: Entei/Raikou/Suicune Battle COMBINED + EXTENDED

This video is the result of over 8 hours of work, tirelessly attempting to get Entei’s tempo to match up with the other two beasts. Why must Entei be so different?! Anyway, I’m very glad this project paid off, as it sounds fantastic! In fact, I think it sounds better than all 3 themes combined! Oh, wait…that’s what it is! XD As always, enjoy! All files: www.mediafire.com Comment, Rate, Subscribe, Request!

Pokemon Battle #54 Xerxes vs Krabsmash

Pretty fun, pretty good overall. Just a note: There likely won’t be a vid till the 8th-11th of Feb, due to the Super Bowl, so I had to give you guys this while I can. If you play Guild Wars, and you own the pack Eye of the North, let me know. I got bonus stuff for the game and I do’nt play it, I could mail it to you. Un fucking believable.

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