Sailor Moon – Episode 2 – Talk Radio – Part 1 Of 2

“Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for “fair use” for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use.” I do not own Sailor Moon. All video or any third party content belong to their respected owners. No copyright infringement intended. This video was uploaded for entertainment purposes only.

Sailor Moon Episode 22 Part 2

Episode 22: The Power of Friendship Part 2. I own nothing used in this video. (: Comment & subscribe for more videos! :D

Sailor Moon Episode 5 1/3

Sailor Moon aflevering 5 in het Engels met Nederlandse ondertiteling. Sailor Moon episode 5 in English with Dutch subtitles. If you dont like them, turn the annotations off. Niet alles is letterlijk vertaald. Not everything is literally translated. DISCLAIMER: I do not own Sailor moon.

UCCW Friday Night Showdown Episode 7 Part 2 (Sailor Moon 3-0)

UCCW Friday Night Showdown is back live at Las Vegas, Nevada. Here comes our first match for the fans in Las Vegas! * Single match: Chun-Li vs. Sailor Moon * But wait, Curtis Sanchez has a message to the UCCW. Really? * BTW, 7:04 I voice off Beavis on my own. :D

Re:Sailor Moon’s Next Top Model // Cycle 1 – Episode 5

Gravity. The girls took it up and out there by doing photos in space. Some girls defied gravity, whilst others fell flat. In a heated competition, two girls left this week. Sorry it took so long to upload this, vegas was crashing so I had to mess with it all week to get it to work. Preview of the next episode this Saturday, as it’s going to be a :30 clip of a music video the girls will be doing. :) Contestants: – Mikan – Makoto/Sailor Jupiter – Queen Beryl – Rei/Sailor Mars – Naru – Ami/Sailor Mercury – Ann – Usagi/Sailor Moon – Tetus – Minako/Sailor Venus – Xenian Programs used: – Photoshop CS5 – Vegas Pro 10.0 © Toei Animation. © Atlantic Records. This video is for educational and non-commercial purposes only, I do not claim the content what so ever.

Stupid Mario Brothers – Episode 47

Episode 47 – “Poke-Drawls” What Happens To A Pokemon Master Who Can No Longer Master Pokemon? SMB – Episode 47 Bloopers: SMB – Episode 48: Check out our Fan Forums! Written And Directed By Richard Michael Alvarez Produced By: Chris Muller Starring: Richard Michael Alvarez Chris Muller Matt Provencal Julian Petruzzelli Austin Stevenson Doug Orofino Tim Muller

Pokémon XD Gale of Darkness Playthrough Episode 4 by Dangerous36M

Watch more Pokémon XD Gale of Darkness by clicking the link below: Whats up MoshPit! Today we have another episode of Let’s Play Pokemon XD Gale of Darkness by Director Dangerous36M. Make sure to give a big Thumbs up if you liked the video and leave us a nice comment ;) Director’s Channel: —————————————- PMP Facebook Fan Page For more pokemon Wifi battles come check out our other channel, PMP Beta for more daily Uploads!! (Coming Soon!!!) Also be first to check out our newest MoshPit channel Let’s Play MoshPit PokeMoshPit Live Chat: Chat Link1: Chat Link2:

Sailor Moon Episode 32 pt 3 Bad Hair Day (English)

P:TBS Episode 1- Pilot

IT’S A PILOT!!! OH NOES! Actually, considering it’s a pilot, Jerry and I really like how it came out. Written and voiced by xJerry64x/myself. Edited by me. Ruined by me (It’s okay, Jerry, I’ll take the fall on this one =P) Cameos by: MasterWGS ChromeGloss55 EdricODoom Is your hunger for a GOOD parody of this series not yet satisfied? I don’t blame you! You can check out MasterWGS’ version here: And you can check out ChromeGloss55/EdricODoom’s version here: I’m a fan of both of their series, and I’m overjoyed that they agreed to cameo in my first episode. The least you could do is check out their content. (I’m not telling you to subscribe. Just check it out. Then, take it from there.) Edit: Okay, several people seem to think Pikachu = Nappa. Not at all. Not only can I not do Abridged Nappa’s voice (much to my dismay), but Pikachu is not nearly as much of an idiot as TFS’ Nappa is. In fact, I think of all the characters I made here, Pikachu is the LEAST like an idiot. So, no. Pikachu =/= Nappa. The voice actually comes from my Ryuk voice in Death Note: The Abridged Series. Also, thanks to GotHicks (from WatanukiProductions) for fixing up the Bulbasaur image. Want a copy for your iPod? Well, P:TBS is now on iTunes!

Megami33’s Sailor Moon Abridged Episode 01

EDIT: Megami has reuploaded this episode at Go watch it there instead!

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